Monday, February 25, 2008


My front tires are new since last week, and I had the alignment done this past Saturday in an auto shop with hot Hispanic dude customers in Spanish mission-style San Fernando, CA just a bit northwest from where I live here in the Valley. Nice little town I must say and not at all as ghetto as I was expecting it to be. I guess the gangbangers must be in nearby Pacoima or Arleta I suppose? I'm still driving around nice and slowly, and I gotta say it makes a world of difference in my overall mood to not speed and have to beat the other stupid L.A. drivers that like to whizz past me now like I'm some old man or something. As if I care!

I was really out of it watching the Oscars this year, since I haven't seen any of the big nominated films yet, but I was certainly most pleased with two specific winners/moments at last night's show. As a proud Latino/Hispanic, I was certainly happy to see Javier Bardem take the Best Supporting Actor trophy, as I have seen him in many risk-taking provocative roles before, especially in his earlier days as an actor in Spain. Man, his Castilian is very fast and mumbled; I always did find it hard to understand him, the marble mouth that he is. Oh look who just became really big Antonio Banderas! ¡Felicidades a Javier! And though I haven't seen La Vie En Rose, I could certainly tell from little snippets shown of that movie that French actress Marion Cotillard really performed her heart out playing singer Édith Piaf, and she surprised everyone by winning the Best Actress statuette. Congrats to her as well, and her shock/acceptance speech at having won was most moving and awesome. C'est comme un rêve ma petite!

I finally saw Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote and this dark, dreary, creepy movie was decent. Some fine acting here and I learned lots about a very terrible crime I really knew nothing about before. Truman Capote it seems, was very well-liked and funny whilst drinking and smoking at trendy parties with his literary friends and colleagues, yet I just can't get over that annoying voice he had! LOL! A small, but very effective realistic portrayal of the Latino/Mexican experience in L.A., was the little gem Quinceañera with some pretty good unknown actors including a very studly Jesse García playing a very straight-acting cholo gay dude. I liked the movie a lot; good job to all!

Okay, way past mee bedtime now. Hasta pronto.


M- Filer said...

I don't know what was wrong with me last night...must have been irritable, but every acceptance speech i heard annoyed the shit out of me. I was all "shut the fuck up" at my TV screen. Granted, I only heard about 5 of them, and too, i only saw one nominated flick ("Atonement", which I loved but didn't win anything major), but I just wasn't feeling it I guess.

Lewis said...

Not quite a waste of time, but Nearly.
I am so not mainstream, I do have to admit. But the highlights: Two foreign films....The Counterfeiters (took place at a concentration camp near Berlin that I have visited).....and the flick about the same-sex couples fighting for benefits (can't remember the name)....and also "Falling" from a second-run fiick with people who were so not expecting it. Those were three great parts.

Scot said...

I've heard real recordings of Truman Capote, and he sounds even more squeeky than PS Hoffman.

alexgirl said...

I toooootally agree with everything you said on my blog! I remember Basinger's nerves problem too (and the awful dress she was wearing when she had said nerves-issue).
Tilda Swinton=pasty Irish schoolboy. Bwahahaha!
You're so funny.
And YAY for Javier Bardem. He was amazing in that movie. There's no WAY anyone else could win!

Todd said...

As usual, I skipped watching the Oscars. I just can't get into all this award stuff.