Saturday, February 09, 2008


Ann Cun, Er...I mean, Coulter says she'd rather vote for Billary than John McCain and many other conservative right-wing asswipe Republicans have said the same thing or that they're not going to vote at all because of the terrible choices they have this time around! I say: AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAAH! YES YES YES! What? No George W. Bush to stand by this time around kids like y'all stupidly did in 2004? Is your Republican party that tarnished that you can't come to an agreement on a viable worthy candidate? The Republicans have dug their own hole, made their own bed, and now must pay the price. America has had it with zealot religious lying fiends like Bush and Co. who confess Jesus as their Savior but yet cause war and lie about it in the process.

And while we Democrats try and sort out our little Billary vs. Obamee main candidate issue, it looks as though one of them will pull through and get good support/votes regardless, although as of late I am honestly shocked and impressed by how well Obamers is doing. I am really quite amazed, because I honestly did not expect him to do so damn well. Billary just might be beat and that would be quite something. Last I read, Billary just may be running out of money and Obamz has a bit more delegates at the moment. I still stand by Billary due to her overwhelming experience, but we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out in the next few...

I'm very perturbed by recent shootings and acts of violence that have made national headlines. Just last weekend, some guy
shot up a store and killed five women and ran off. A teenager shot up his whole entire family in Maryland. We had a terrible tragic incident here in L.A. on Thursday where some young Latino dude shot his two brothers, father, and two cops in the SWAT team, killing one of them. They had a council meeting shooting too in Missouri where several were killed by an angry citizen and he managed to even critically injure the mayor. And just yesterday, a woman shot two other students, then herself at a school in Louisiana. This recent pattern of gun violence is very troubling and continues to point to the alarming violent and screwed up society we live in. Something has gone wrong, and continues to go wrong in America. Why all this terrible violence? WHY?! I guess anyone can snap at any moment, but it is very disheartening and a bit scary to think someone else's mental misery/anguish can put your life in such terrible danger.

Latest pics of Madonna and her daughter Lola who is growing up fast, plus other celebs here:

This is London


Ann Coulter will vote for Billary over McCain Clip 1

Ann prefers Clintoon over McCain Clip 2

And yet another f**king phony Bush picture, this time caring for tornado victims:


alexgirl said...

It is bad news about all the shootings. What is going on in our country?
Yay for us democrats along the political trail!
Either Obams or Hillbilly will be A OK with me.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Ann's ability to be surreal never ceases to amaze. Since she has nothing intelligent to say she has no choice but to say something as outrageous as possible in order to get more attention. Sadly, we watch her in horror because of her train wreck like appeal.

kimy said...

I'm actually quite shocked with coulter's statement! who'd of thunk! of course all the more reason why we should all be backing obama over clinton!

gun violence - deplorable, disgraceful, and epidemic in this country and many others! americans have some sort of deranged love affair with these instruments of death and destruction which I surely can't figure out.

madonna.... hey, as long as she sings hard and long I don't really care if she goes to dr. make-me-look-younger - but wat baby, thanks for always bringing me up to speed.

hey, I'm I gonna get your mama's stew recipe!


Wolfie said...

according to the psychic twins on C2C Billary is going to win and they have predicted that for years. They also predicted the twin towers in NY city being attacked and simultaneously fed bldg's being attacked, and they predicted the recent tornadoes that just happened. They are very good. I hope it comes true. Billary!

M- Filer said...

I dunno if she had plastic surgery or not. I thought she did,but a lot of people disagreed with me, so who knows.

I do know that there is nothing like a good nights rest to make you look younger! At 44, I, when I get less than 6 hours of sleep I look 50 UUGGG! But...when I get 8 hours, my skin looks like I am 35 again. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I really like Obama and think he IS up for the challenge. My whole family is rooting for Clinton, and I love her too, but I would be thrilled either way, Clinton or Obama. I think Obama would be liked the world over, even tho Clinton is too.

Seraphine said...

Everytime we go into a recession,
violence increases. The worse the
economy gets, the more pervasive
it is. Well-fed comfortable
people don't commit violent murders. It's economic. Politicians
don't tell you that, because it
would make them accessories.
Speaking of accessories, frankly I'd rather wear a belt or carry
a brightly colored bag.

Gledwood said...

NO-ONE is seriously following the Republicans over here. Yeah we know they might win. But nobody outside America really wants 'em to.

As far as the Democrats go, Hillary was the only one with ANY kind of international profile of any magnitude before all these "Caucuses" things... why on EARTH is it called a "Caucus"... I always thought the Caucuses were a ridge of mountains in southern Russia... famous for odd languages with weird alphabets like Armenian and Georgian... and rebels, like the Chechens... and from whence the word for supposed "racially white" comes: "Caucasian"...!

HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT PLEASE! Not that Martin Luther King faking Obama...

... what do you think... after all you're American. You're going to have to put up with him far more than I am when he gets in (as seems to be the case... to be frank though if I had to bet on it I'd still put my money on Hillary I think she will win through thick and thin! She's my kinda girl...)

Marko said...

Good Lourdes she is growin up! LOL!

I can relate on these acts of violence, I called my mom back home in Iowa the other day and a kid killed his parents with an axe after locking them inside their home, im my hometown...what the fuck?!

Lewis said...

Poor little babies don't have a gay hater/religious righter on their team this time? Ohhhh....makes me want to cry. Fu** them all.

Gary said...

When it comes to Ann Coulter I will adhere to the "if you have nothing nice to say" mentality...except to say that you should have finished spelling that name at the beginning of the post. Okay, never mind I must say that she is a horrid, evil, shallow woman who would do anything to have others talking about her. I guess she won this round 'cause here we are discussing her skanky self.

Bill German said...

i was thinkin the same thing about all the gun killings. The decay of america. Our country has become corrupted and greedy and this is the result

libhom said...

The Clinton "experience" claim is the funniest spin of this campaign season. Obama actually has more experience in elected office than Ms. Clinton does. In fact, the only Democratic candidate with less experience than Clinton was John Edwards.

Of course, Richardson and Kucinich were number 1 and number 2 in terms of experience. Obviously, experience hasn't been the biggest concern of voters.