Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Roy Scheider is dead and a most wonderful actor he was. Forever Chief Brody in one of my fav movies of all time, Jaws. R.I.P. sir.
The Oscars have been saved! Oh THANK GOODNESS! The gay Super Bowl will air on February 24th as it always has, with all the stars decked out in their expensive gowns/tuxes thanks to a deal reached with the writers and this most annoying strike which has crippled the L.A. entertainment industry. Yes, the show will go on as it should! YEEHA! A trivial awards show to divert my attention from all of life's troubles!

Saturday, I joined my buds Scarlet, Uncle "R", and another gentleman on an amazing strenuous hike through Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. I had never been, and it was quite the ass-kicking experience, but well worth it. Spectacular views of Los Angeles; absolutely beautiful panoramic views of Hollywood, Downtown, Long Beach (I believe), Santa Monica and the ocean, Griffith Observatory, and the San Gabriel Mountains! I did not have my digital camera or binoculars, but I will next time I suppose. Some of those hills knocked the wind out of me, but I'm glad my heart is strong enough and that I didn't pass out or anything. Plenty of adorable doggies hiking with their owners, and lots of hot straight and gay men to oogle at. I've lived here my whole life, and I had never been there! For the first time I saw L.A. as beautiful, which is an adjective bestowed automatically on a city like San Francisco. Yes, plastic phony Los Angeles is a pretty city after all.
Some quick reviews of some terrific films I've recently watched on DVD. Tim Burton's Big Fish is a wonderful fantasy-type uplifting film; a true celebration of life. I had it in mind a while back, but Rick Rockhill persuaded me even further to watch Mildred Pierce starring Joan Crawford and this movie was chock full of riveting drama! Really good flick starring Joan as a very sweet hard-working woman; I can see why she won an Oscar for the role. Definitely not the bitch portrayed in Mommie Dearest! LOLOLOL! Last but not least, the French have made a really good contemporary film about gay issues called Le Placard (The Closet); very funny witty zany fun and full of some good lessons with some of France's finest veteran actors including Gérard Depardieu. Check this one out please!
Merci beaucoup, et à bientôt!


alexgirl said...

That is so sad about Roy Scheider. That guy was amazing. Booh.
But YAY for the Oscars! Ah, what a huge relief. Thank god they writers finally got a deal, now my life (and TV schedule) can soon go back to normal. I can't wait for the Oscars.
And thanks for recommending "The Closet." I will check that out.

d. chedwick bryant said...

I have both The Closet and Mildred Pierce on dvd--We are big Daniel Auteil fans ever since he starred with Yves Montand in Manon of the Spring. Look for him playing a gay character in "Girl on the Bridge" (He gives Vanessa Paradis a makeover) and again his acting is briliant.

Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw were really my favorite characters in jaws. They gave incredible performances while Richard Dreyfuss (also good) got all the cutesy lines and glory. Once I saw Scheider and Shaw in Jaws, I made a point of seeing all of their movies. Great actors.

I went to High School in Los Angeles, so I have fond memories of all the places you mention.

Christopher said...

So that was YOU on Saturday....I felt like I was being "watched"...Mildred Pierce is one of my all time favorite movies. If you liked that one, I suggest checking out "The Rose Tattoo"...it's another oldie but goodie.


molly said...

the gay superbowl? hahaha!

Paul said...

Now I'm going to have to look into checking this place out. I love taking random scenery photos & sounds like a great place to make it happen.

Gledwood said...

GAY SUPERBOWL?... is this the event where they stroke each other privates in "formation" and not caring who sees/doesn't...

if you can youtube something up about it... please do!


Marko said...

The Gay Superbowl...LOL, I love it!

Todd said...

uh, what's the Oscars?
Roy Scheider was an awesome actor. I loved him in Sorcerer. Gotta check that movie out again soon.
And yes, it's depressing here. I need cheering up.

Lewis said...

hey thanks for the invitation to the trail hike. really appreciate you thinking of me.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I've always wanted to hike Runyon Canyon. There are some beautiful places in L.A. once you get beyond sprawl. You just have to keep your eyes open. And there are plenty of ugly places in the Bay Area. Antioch, Richmond, East Palo Alto...the list goes on.

kimy said...

so glad the strike is over and the oscars have been saved! I'm looking forward to seeing them with my mom - the person I inherited my love of movies from. unlike me she has seen all the movies up for best picture! guess when one is retired it's easier!

I always loved roy scheider - it is sad. off to imdb and read all of what he's been in. rest in peace roy!

my e is going to la in a couple weeks to visit her best friend I'll have to tell her about runyon canyon.

Gavin Elster said...

i got attacked by an unleashed dog once at Runyon Canyon. I started yelling and the god owner came and got the dog off of me. I was pissed and yelling every foul word in the book and the owner simply yelled back "it's a f-kin dog park" My most cherished memory of that day was the attack was right by the sign that said all dogs must be on a leash.

that bitch.

M- Filer said...

Gladd to hear you are hiking, it's great for the quads and hammy's.

I loved Mildred Pierce and Jaws. Everyone has to go sometime.