Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My job has been pretty laidback lately. I'm loving it, to quote the current McDonald's catchphrase. Damn, just writing that made me crave some of those french fries. Mmmmmmmm...grease!

Went to CLUB FUEL in Studio City as I usually do on Monday nights for karaoke. They have a new KJ with a much better amazing vast song selection! A DREAM COME TRUE! The host and his assistant are pretty nice, except they need to be more animated when announcing our names, 'cause it was a bit too monotonous. Put on a radio broadcasting voice or something man! Hell, maybe I should host my own karaoke show some day; I'd be really zany, silly, and fun doing it I think. I met a fine Southern gentleman last night too, who was not only quite handsome, but very smart and well-spoken. Yeah, I was a bit smitten, but I couldn't help it. He admitted that lots of his look is fake like his tan and very pearly whites and I found that pretty refreshing. But he did look damn good regardless, and I like someone who does care about their appearance/hygiene.

O.k. Because the world entire could not wait any longer and due to overwhelming popular demand, here are pics of my cubicle; my little office space where I rot endless hours Monday through Friday! Eat your heart out Britney, the paparazzi chases me too and could not wait to post these pictures: Yeah, pretty eclectic ain't it? Among the items: you can see Phyllis Diller's autographed pic in there somewhere, a little mugshot of my radio icon hero Howard Stern and his sidekick Robin, a pic of my niece when she was smaller, Kermit the Frog, and a few shots here and there of the little band from Liverpool that once ruled the 1960s, whoever those guys were! HA!


phd girl said...

Love your space--it looks very comfy-- I love Diller and Robin Quivers is one of my fave women too!
those are actually two women I'd like to lunch with--and there are not many famous people I'd like to meet.

Paul said...

Your cubicle is a lot like mine just you have more class :)
You've inspired me to do a little deco. I think my space needs it!

Preciosa said...

AWHHH NICE!! You have really snazzed the place up. Great job! :)

Bill German said...

she came in thru the cubicle

Lewis said...

I'm digging your space, WAT. Love to see the ins and outs of we bloggers and where we live. Hugs to looks like an amazing day down there!

dit said...

what a great space you have. Nice cubicle. Definitely shows personality!

alice said...

It was no surprise to see some lovely pics displayed of the Fab Four. Did you see the latest American Idol when the sweet-looking young fellow sang "Imagine"?? Beautifully done and very touching. It made me think of you.

You would be a terrific Karoke host!!

M- Filer said...

I love your fab-u-lous cubicle! That's is like the best cubicle I have ever seen. You have an artists sensibility.

One thing: I didn't see a picture of the little pop sensation who hailed from the state of Michigan. Curious.

Todd said...

Pieces of the cubicle world. Interesting work space. I have never "decorated" or personalized my work space. But then I'm a minimalist.

Paul Pincus said...


Cool post.

ps i understand completely how you feel about johnny lee miler ; )

molly said...

i LOVE your cubicle space!
especially the "war is over" mini poster....its so great and your personality really shines through

kimy said...

yeah - the wait was worth it!

kermie, kermie!!!

great space - very stimulating!! thanks for posting the pictures. it's amazing what we learn about our buds by seeing how they create the environments!

and bro I'm waiting for your mama's recipe! xxxxxmouse

Gary said...

Next we need to see photos of you in those pictures. Get a coworker to take one. I am trying to imagine you spending your days there surrounded by some of the things that make Wat, Wat. Personal touches are so important.