Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yes, all my love to my close friends and cherished ones on this Cupid Day. In Spanish, they also call it El Día del Amor y la Amistad which translates to Love and Friendship Day, so if you're single and without a true lover this year, don't fret okay? Somebody out there truly loves and cares for you regardless! I'm gonna jump off a bridge now...

This past week, I've been driving much slower on the freeway to and from work or anywhere in general I go, due to concern over a somewhat worn out tire I gotta get changed later this week. And ya know what? I've been so much calmer and tranquil driving at this lower more legal speed! AHAHAHAHA! WHO KNEW?! The legal speed on our roads here in L.A. is usually 65 m.p.h. but yours truly has been known to stupidly go up to 80 and that's not good! My newfound respect of the law has made driving quite comfortable and rid me of lots of my recent road rage! So what if ya wanna pass me or make me eat yer dust? I seem to be getting to my usual places in about the same time regardless with my now lower legal speeds; more effortless driving time to enjoy my Sirius Satellite Radio and the zany wacky hilarious Howard Stern Show. This all translates to less wear and tear on my car, no risk of a speeding ticket, and a better mood for me the driver. I hope I stick to it.

Oh boy. Hillary Clinton is in deep DEEP trouble. Obama is a bona fide rock star. He's unstoppable. He's charismatic. Speaks well. Is kinda handsome. And America seems to adore him! I've been resisting Obamee all this time, supporting tha Hillard I suppose till the very end, but if she doesn't get the next primaries in Texas or Ohio, she is toast. Would be very interesting to see the first human without a penis elected to the presidency, but I guess America may be more ready for the half black man than the full-on white woman which is contrary to what many thought before! LOLOLOLOL! That Oprah sure has had tremendous influence as always.

Quick Beatles-related news: Yoko Ono is stupidly fighting over her genius deceased hubby's name as exclusive with some truly non-threatening female recording artist named Lennon Murphy who has called her band by her true first name, Lennon. And Heather Mills has been representing herself in court this week against her former husband, living genius Paul McCartney trying to get the millions she sooooooooo does not deserve. Just when will this saga end?! And Ringo was all over the Grammy Awards this past Sunday and he looks good, although lately I hear he's been a bit snotty/arrogant with people in general.

Fellow readers/bloggers, a million thanks again for your continued support and comments, which I do read and enjoy tremendously. Some of you like to comment on your reader's comments which is something I rarely do on my blog...
Should I be commenting more on your comments?


Todd said...

Happy V-Day! I hope the day goes well
As for the slower driving speed, you're also saving a bit of gasoline. That's another benefit of driving slower.

Paul said...

You can go over 65 on LA freeways? Oh yeah I do it too when its not a parking lot. I'm from the back country where we do 80+ all the time. Me and my lead foot! I need to drive slower too. Might cut down on the fuel consumption ;)

Happy Día del Amor y la Amistad!!!

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Happy V-day, WAT/Wil. Yes, Ringo has been rude to me lately too.

Gary said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you handsome! And yes, I love comments on comments (and perhaps more comments on the comments on the comments....)

M- Filer said...

Happy Valentines Day to you Will.
Did you get me anything?

Comments on Comments welcome.

Scot said...

Happy VD (which one was your favorite again?)

Ms. Ono is just trying to stay relevant, or become some might argue. There is no legal way to stop someone from using their own name. Remember the Vanessa Williams/ Vanessa A Williams scenario?

As for comments on comments, I think it's a fun way to keep up a conversation with your readers. It makes us feel loved, which on a day like Valentines may mean the difference between jumping and not, but I don't feel the need to acknowledge every quip and mundane nod. Basically: suit yourself senor!

alice said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Wil!!

You know how I feel about Yoko and Heather.... a total waste of oxygen.

Hopefully slower means safer. We wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you!!!

d. chedwick bryant said...

Ringo is misunderstood--he's been self assertive and in your face for decades now. If anyone deserves to be anyway he wants to be, it's Ringo. He doesn't mean it the way it comes off-- Pete Seeger is the same way--and the are both really nice people-- Poor Ringo, but good for him for enjoying his Beatley days even though he was always rated last. He will be the last living Beatle someday.

ps I need some info from you at my place thanx said...

Niko wuz here!

WAT said...

Todd: Ah yes, and as expensive as gas is, that's an extra incentive.

Paul: Well, I'm actually enjoying it with traffic more as it forces me to go slower, but you're right, when it's clear, it's hard not to wanna speed.

Junky Thiefy: A star of your stature deserves nothing but respect.

Gary: All this commenting is wearing me out.

M-Filer: I have SOMETHING for you, but you're in Virginia and I can't mail it to you unfortunately.

Scot: VD huh? It sounds so hot, with blisters and rashes!

Alice: Yoko and Heather send their love to you too!

d.chedwick bryant: I suppose you are right about once neglected and now liberated Ringo and his long lifespan. But I'll be devastated when we lose Paul, and I hope Heather that witch doesn't accelarate his demise.

Niko: I was too and I keep coming back.

kimy said...

I definitely like what vday is called in spanish, not to mention how lovely it sounds.

drive safe and get that tire fixed - now.

based on the experiment being conducted at tangled up - it appears we are not only blogging buds but birthday buds!!!! eek!!

re my title for feb 14 - I was thinking of the title of a linda ronstadt song "heart like a wheel" - but the paul's lyric works just as well!

d. chedwick bryant said...

I can't stand Heather Mills-- What a knucklehead he was to get involved with her--he should have listened to his kids, who apparently warned him repeatedly.

Usually speedsters need a suspended license before they decide to drive calmly--You're lucky you attained enlightenment before getting a mess-o-tickets.

Gary said...

Hey baby, don't feel pressure about the comments. Take Scot's advice and leave them only when the spirit moves you.