Monday, February 04, 2008


Saturday night's fantastic Groundhog Day party hosted by Scot Not Scott! He had some killer snacks/food to munch on! He made me an awesome mixed drink that had me buzzed in no time and I ate like a pig! Thank you sir for all the fun.
Clockwise above: Me, my bud of 20 yrs., Scarlet the Southern Belle, and "Uncle" R.In the above photo: The nicest guys you'll ever meet, fellow bloggers Chris from Clever Fool, and Paul from Projekt R3volution. And I'm already looking a bit buzzed and kooky in this pic. Oh, and el muchacho who runs durante vita was there too. A good time had by all; HELL I KNOW I ENJOYED MYSELF SO THERE!

Congratulations to the underdog NY Giants for their amazing Super Bowl win! Of course, the incredibly adorable Puppy Bowl IV highlights cannot be missed!

Late Saturday night, I caught Ron Paul's campaign rally held in Washington state just a few days ago on C-SPAN and he was terrific! This guy makes so much sense (as my bud has been telling me), and I must agree. I was riveted to his speech about personal individualism and following the Constitution, which is something this country has lost touch of years ago.
Oh well, our California primary is tomorrow! WOOHOO! GO RON PA...ER, I MEAN, BILLARY!


Todd said...

Fun, fun pictures. I'll have to get the drink recipe from Scot. Might come in handy sometime.

M- Filer said...

Six degrees of seperation? It is so weird to see you and Christopher from (Clever Fool) together, I think I am a little jealous and I don't even know why!

All Y'all look great. Sorry I wasn't invited, I mean-- sorry I missed it.

Gary said...

This is so fantastic! I love the pictures and seeing you and Chris. But no pics of the host?

I am with m-filter though as I too feel a little jealous. I want to squeeze in there.

Paul said...

I already voted absentee for him. I get uncomfortable talking politics with people cause I'm the quiet one, always avoiding confrontations but I figure why not vote for Ron? I think this country just needs something completely different before it goes completely down the toilet. I don't think it can get any worse than what we have now? Had a blast meeting you and all the guys Saturday night!

Preciosa said...

Uncle R is looking good! :) Now about Ron Paul..... not my cup of tea!

Bill German said...

its mostly rare that bloggers ever really meat in person

Scot said...

Had a blast Saturday, I am so glad you came with the Karaoke boys (as David doesn't want to be called a "bar boy"). I'll write my post on it tomorrow or tonight. Hopefully one of the pics of we four bloggers will have come out. I noticed Christopher didn't put that one up.... Don't worry, I'll Photoshop if needed.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Gee, that looks like groovy party. I doubt I'd vote for Ron Paul, but I have to admit I think he had great integrity and he really pushes forward some important ideas and issues. He reminds us that true Republican values -- small government, not meddling in people's personal lives, not trying to police the world, etc. -- are in no way embodied by the current administration. However, I'm not quite ready for what seems like his intent of completely dismantling the government services. No IRS sounds great in theory, but I could see the basic public services going away as well.

Lewis said...

I'll ask the same question here as I did at Clever Fool: Are the other dudes as good looking in person as they all say they are? You boys are hot Just plain old hot and hung (well, the last part is purely an assumption).

kimy said...

just how much cuteness can there be in one post - first the pictures of you and your buds and then the puppy bowl! now there is a bowl game I could watch. sorry, football, definitely not my cuppa tea - speaking of not my cuppa tea preciosa shares my sentiments about mr. paul. although I find his position on the iraq war reflects my own - essentially we have NO BUSINESS being there and should be out now - I'm afraid the laissez-faire libertianism republicanism will not pull the u.s. out of the quagmire that we are currently in... we definitely need a major sea change. I best not get into politics! I do go on!

better for now to stick to puppies and other cuties.

speaking of cuties - since you asked, my bro is still very cute if one likes the kind of hard bodied nicholas cage type. alas he's hopelessly hetero and married to the same person for almost 35 years!

definitely neat to meet bloggers in one's cyberhood!

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Marko said...

Great pix Wat!