Friday, February 22, 2008


Those of us cursed/blessed with oily skin are more prone to getting the stye/cyst I've been dealing with on my upper right eyelid. The swelling is now going down a bit, and the itchy watery discomfort is subsiding as well, which is a blessing because driving to and from work yesterday was pretty scary as I could feel my right eye not focusing and feeling very weak from all the trauma it's been through. All the horror you ever wanted to know on this is here.

There are two fascinating world leaders of the past I have been thinking a lot about lately: Evita and Abraham Lincoln. Evita has been analyzed, hated, and revered to death and in a strange way the current Hillary campaign reminds me of this woman. Both of them females/first ladies, both of them admired/despised, both married to powerful men, and both with an insatiable ambitious desire for power. Maybe someday we'll have the Hillary musical, HILLARITA? And then there's good ole' Abe Lincoln. A homely strange-looking giant man, reportedly tormented by depression and insecurity yet able to achieve the highest office in the land and stand as one of history's most admired U.S. presidents in the midst of a brutal civil war that almost tore the country apart in the 1860s. I think Spielberg is gonna make a movie on his life with Liam Neeson in the title role. And the circumstances/events of Lincoln's tragic assassination are equally as fascinating, but more on this I hope at a later post.

Earlier this week, I got to watch this fascinating program rerun on PBS on Windsor Castle and all that goes into keeping the place running throughout a regular year for the British royals. MY GOD MAN! A really interesting view of all the pomp and circumstance and detailed meticulousness to keep the high and mighty on their thrones! SHEESH! There's an army of people cleaning, organizing, cooking, and doing all they can to keep the joint in top shape; us mere mortals shall never know how the rich truly live I suppose. The Queen is gonna live at least another twenty years man, for the women in her genepool really seem to live a long long time.

This shooting just outside of L.A. recently is really stirring people's emotions. A gay teenager was shot by his hateful classmate. Truly terrible.

My eye is healing nicely, and thanks again for all the sympathy/shock/awe comments in the previous post.

I dig this picture taken at the Obama/Hillary debate last night, which was pretty good. Talk about completely different body types! LOLOLOL!

P.S. The Oscars are this Sunday! WOOHOO!


Amadeus said...

Yes I would love to be in a gay bar watching this. Unfortunately I cannot drink.. dear god how strange...

Amadeus said...

Those two dems look like school children in front of show n tell.. AWKWARD! So is hillary the Prez yet!

I forgot to mention something..what was it... oh yes.. hey is noone commenting because of the rain? ha ha ha!! lol

Have you met scott the bartender at Oil Can's yet?? He's been working almost every fri and sat!! He's well worth meeting you would love him.

Also.. what a sad state of affairs when you realize Di's children are in need of hair plugs. Is that my imagination or is the eldest heir to the throne getting cul de sacs on his head??? OH MY OKO YONO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Gary said...

You know I have never made the connection between Hilary and Evita but the way you map it out makes me want to slap my head and say "I could have had a V8". There are things there to compare aren't there. Except I think Hil will be better for this country than Eva was for hers, hopefully some long lasting improvements. But, then again, anyone but W at this point would be an improvement.

Glad the eye is healing - sorry you have to go to work looking less than perfect. On a side note, it is snowing heavily here and it is so beautiful! Wish I had the royal staff to shovel me out.

Lewis said...

I loved that Windsor Castle show. AMazing, isn't it. Sounds just like our houses and the way they are run...right? No pics of the stye? Ahh, come on.....

Todd said...

I can understand the Hillary/Eva thoughts, but not the Lincoln stuff. Isn't thinking a lot about Lincoln a sign of insanity/mental instability or something. Isn't that kind of a cliche/apparent when the looney thinks he's Lincoln?
I can understand the staff they would need in Windsor Castle. Keeping my little one bedroom apartment running smoothly requires four house boys working almost non stop.

kimy said...

oh you poor babe with the eye bit! but thank goodness you are on the mend. eye cysts are awful and yours turned out to be the mother of all cysts! yikes!

wow, I can't wait to see liam as lincoln - he's a terrific actor. thanks for the head's up even if we have to wait till 09 - oh that's just next year.

great picture of obama and the hillarita.

gonna have a great oscar night- I'm down in d.c. with my ma - she's seen all the movies up for best picture and probably half of the flicks for the other major awards. she's who I inherited my love of movies from! we already have a 'date' to get in a matinée of 'vantage point' monday before I fly back home. good memory I was just down here early december - but the folks are getting up there in years --good to come down and make sure all is well.

sweet eyes to you friend. looking forward to seeing a pic of your office kermie one day!

Bill German said...

i love the statue of lincoln in tj,mex.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Abe Lincoln is one of my favs for sure. and what about those great stories of him having a "male companion"??? love it.

Eva Peron was fascinating for sure, even though I loved the EVITA movie and Broadway production with Patti LuPone, I always liked how she made something of herself from nothing, ya know?

alexgirl said...

Great post! You went all over the place, haha! I love the idea of Hilarita. Brilliant. And oddly, I've been thinking about Abe Lincoln lately too! Is that for real about the Spielberg movie? Because Liam would make an excellent Abe.
Truly disgusting news about that shooting. What the hell is wrong with some people? Awful.
... Oscars tomorrow!!!!!! I'm soooo excited.
ps-you went to school with Brian Austin Green? Gaaah! He wasnt' hot when he was younger, but I think he rocked his mid to late twenties.

M- Filer said...

Jeeze, Hillary looks like she is pack'in on the pounds. What a stump!