Friday, July 24, 2009


Happy Friday!

Abortion! It's one of those topics that's so divisive and controversial, even in 2009. Frankly, I support abortion, although getting those really late term ones is kind of disturbing, 'cause the baby is already pretty recognizable and stuff. Is it murder? No! It's pretty merciful
and keeps the Earth from overpopulating any further, and as much as the pro-lifers wanna harp on the demonic culling of all dem babies, there is usually no outcry from those same Bible-thumpers over those poor doggies and kitties that are put to sleep at the shelter 'cause no one wants to adopt them correct?! Let's face it, it saddens me more to hear of cute Rover and Fluffy being put down, than it does of little mini humans getting vacuumed out of a woman's vagina--for as much as humans wanna tout themselves as the highest form of life on the planet, our terrible record shows that we are a wasteful, malicious, and destructive species--what makes us more special than dogs and cats, who have lives too?! I do not hate my fellow man/womankind (except for the four bitch c*nt supervisors at work), and actually feel sorry for so many of the good people I know who struggle, and try their best on a daily basis, but the fact is that so much of humanity as a whole is repulsive and downright petty/evil! It is a terribly cynical view I suppose, and when they come at me with the "50 million dead babies since Roe vs. Wade" argument, I just roll my eyes and say, "GOOD! At least those 50 million were spared the economic disaster that is unfolding and the planetary degradation that is already showing its ugly colours due to our terrible species!" Frankly, do you even remember being in your mother's womb anyway? I sure don't, and had my mother chosen to abort me, I wouldn't have really known, cared, or felt sh*t really. But here I am, and I guess there's a purpose to my existence, so onward! EEK! LOL! Abortion has spared so many from suffering needlessly, of having to come into a tough world unwanted, of having to face all this mess, and they're lucky anyway 'cause their souls immediately get to go to heaven right?

And way before MJ's highly publicized death, I have been thinking a lot about this fine lady--the immortal legendary divine Dame Elizabeth Taylor! What draws me to this fascinating woman?! Must be a gay dude thing! LMAO! Ya know, I haven't really seen that many of her movies, and quite frankly the ones I have watched are kind of irritating. I hated the one with her ex Richard Burton where all they do is argue. That film sucked donkey penis! And then that silly movie where she recounts the tale of her perverse closeted gay male best friend in Europe and she melodramatically breaks down while Katharine Hepburn and Monty Clift watch Liz go off. DUH! I guess I'm more into Liz' humanitarian side--her loving and endless support for those poor souls who are misunderstood and abandoned emotionally as were Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift, and Michael Jackson of course. Hmmm, all closeted fags by the way. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Her tireless raising of money for HIV/AIDS causes--Liz just seems like a fun and genuinely kind woman all-around. And let's face it, the bitch was once stunningly gorgeous! I still have a lot to read/learn about her extraordinary life, but yes there's the eight husbands, White Diamonds, and her poor health. Yet, she is still there, and she even Twitters nowadays I believe! Hail hail to Liz, and if any of you can recommend me one of her really good film roles, please let me know, 'cause so far what I've seen is kind of lame. But I love Liz Taylor!

This clip is gloriously funny! My bud Le Zook got me hooked on it again recently. VIVA LA LIZ:


RG said...

I wish those tired old Christianist men in Congress would take heed and Shut-The-Fuck-Up about what women can and cannot do with their bodies. It is NONE OF THEIR GOD DAMN BUSINESS.

The movie you're referring to is, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf" and yes, Dick and Liz were particularly nasty to each other in that flick. It also had the late, great Sandy Dennis who was particularly excellent as a mousy newlywed.

Conclave27 said...

Abortion should remain legal, and I hate to say this but men need to be involved in this battle too! Do you know how many cunts rags out there try to take men hostage with Viginamony??? Guys just has to knock her up once and she can be like off of the tax payers and sucking the life of the man who may have got her pregnant. Every watch Morey Povich show.... when they ask "Who's my Daddy". These whores are out there saying ..."MMMmhhhhmmm he's my baby's daddy I knowzit. We split up a week after..." "Biatch I wazunt wits you, only fucked u's cause you were drunk and you were all wanting this""...."Morey... he wasn't there and I gave birth to many beautiful baby Lazagna Chiquita. She's two year old and she needs her daddy. I been living with my mama and my boyfriend(s) been paying the bills".... fast foward 20 minutes into the show...
"And I am sorry But Tylerone... is..... NOT the Father" Tylerone... jumping "Dat right Biatch Uhh... F'ing Whore"!

I say make Abortion legal all the way up to the point it pops out and make the woman accountable. If she tries Vaginamony... then no responsibility on the guy. If early on or even before the guy says "No Kids", then a woman needs to take the Abortion Settlement and get the parasite out of her body! I am sorry, but having Children for the sake of playing mommy is selfish and irresponsible... there are millions of unwanted children in not so loving families, giving up and abandoned, or slaves that should have never been born.

As far as Liz... yeah her acting leaves something to be desired for... but she is a wonderful humanitarian. That response from the soup makes you wonder... though....

alice said...

I think Liz was excellent in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" with Paul Newman. Not only was she the most beautiful in that movie, but it's all about over-the-top southern rich folks who delicately stab each other in the back.

I'm a life-long Christian and I have always been pro-choice. I really think the government should stay out of that business, because it's so private and personal. It has nothing to do with man-made laws.

mkf said...

[you know, i love your two-topics-in-one-post format; i can usually find something i wanna hook onto.]

i'm with alice up there--"cat on a hot tin roof" first, and then go back in time for "a place in the sun."

the first because it's a damned good movie and she's sensational in it, and the second because it's a heartbreaker and she's so gorgeous you can't take your fuckin' eyes off her (and monty's pretty hot, too).

Palm Springs Savant said...

agree with you on the hot topic. nuff said.

I'd love to follow you on Twitter...look for me, RickRockhill all one word.

And for Liz, well she is just a classic!

Gary said...

I thought that Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was a good movie and very quotable. Elizabeth Taylor was never my favorite actress either but the girl had something. Check out Father of the Bride, A Place in the Sun, Giant, Raintree County and of course National Velvet.

Her charity work is what makes her really standout in addition to her stunning beauty and balls.