Friday, July 17, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very important weekend in the history of humanity! That's right! On Sunday, this blog is officially turning FIVE YEARS OLD! Need I repeat this extraordinary milestone?! FIVE YEARS OLD! Some 900 blog posts mes amis since the official start of this blog on July 19, 2004! HOW I EVER MADE IT THIS LONG I DON'T KNOW, BUT TO EACH AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS EVER COME BY TO ACTUALLY READ AND TO THE OFTEN LOYAL FOLK WHO ALWAYS COMMENT, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Ya know, I sometimes look back at some of my posts and cringe at some of the stupid things I've written about (LOL), but more often than not, I gotta say I am one damn gifted writing genius! Eat your heart out Shakespeare! Not to be outdone, it is also my BIRTHDAY on Sunday as well. Go figure! Yes! To reach my, um...twenties pardon, is really cool! Go ahead, shower me with lots of praise, affection, and love--for I am an egomaniac and narcissist at times and am not afraid to admit it. My little puppy friend has a new blog by the way, and I must mention it, or he will get mad at me.

Hey, my fellow blogger Sebastien who lives in that summer furnace Phoenix, AZ is right on the money when he suggested in my last post that I eventually move to Spain or France and live there for a good while to get out of Los Angeles. Seb, you are CORRECT! DING! How often have I blogged about wanting to visit Europe and more than likely eventually settling in España? Probably only some 4 million times! DUH! And my French is pretty good too I must say, and I am proud to currently grace the very top left side of this blog with a picture of that fine French actress, la grande dame Fanny Ardant! I love you Fanny. You are amazing! Recently however, the French yet again topped the list of world's meanest/rudest tourists. LMAO! Yeah, um, they are a proud people folks, and are a bit sad/resentful to have had the English/American- Anglo culture take over the world so profusely, so please forgive my fellow haute couture French. They truly do have a beautiful language and superbly fascinating culture, so they're okay with me. Je ne parle pas parfaitement le français, mais je sais bien me défendre.

This weekend is also the 40th anniversary of the landing on the moon! Call me some zany conspiracy theorist, but there's something very fishy about this event. This story makes me wonder, why would they have erased such important footage and now claim they will release cleaned up REMASTERED video of this monumental achievement? Hmmm...something does not add up here! Were we really able to go to our one and only natural satellite, or was it all a bogus Hollywood production to fool the Soviets and the world entire of the supremacy of the United States?! Getting to the moon with 1960s technology seems like a huge major task; were we really able to pull that sh*t off?! Is there any way I can see that freakin' American flag up there with some telescope or something to quell my doubts once and for all? LOLOL! Fascinating stuff regardless!

His first ever appearance on David Letterman's show this past Wednesday! Don't wait till he's dead to celebrate him--admire and listen to this man's music like I do now, and realize the genius we are so very lucky to have in this lifetime:


Chad said...

This totally sounds like a bitch, but your cliche deserves this comment: "You made it because blogspot is free". BTW, I just finished the first paragraph, and I'm a big fan of your writing and anticipate reading something soon that will make me feel bad for writing this. BTWx2: This is Chad. Forget your bills. Your loans. Your baby mama payments...

Anonymous said...

I must say you are a gifted writer, but Shakespearean? Maybe more Miltonean.
Yes, you must go to Espana. I was going to mention that on your last post, but I've been incredibly lazy this summer and posting a comment is just too much work for me.
Have a terrific birthday. I'm sending all the good, gooey thoughts I can your way!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Happy anniversary. You're just under two years older than me, in blog years at least.

I saw the same tourist ranking survey. When I was in Spain, the worst tourists were the Germans and British. There were a lot of drunk, loud, crude British rugby fan types of guys who were worse than any of the U.S. travelers. They treat going to Barcelona like a bunch of USC frat boys going for a cheap weekend in Tijuana. The Catalonians were not amused.

RG said...

Too bad I'm not in LA, I have a wonderful birthday gift for you. LOL

I just got through working at an international convention this past week and the rudest people by far were the Russians. They complained about everything. EVERYTHING.

When you move to Spain, take me with you. I'm so tired of Boston right now.

mkf said...

while i despised most of mccartney's saccharine post-beatle output, i can say without fear of correction that his "let me roll it" was easily the second-best song any ex-beatle ever produced.

Will said...

Heureux anniversaire WAT Central!

You have to go to Spain, particularly the south with it's dazzling Ibero-Moorish cities Granada, Cordoba, Seville--sensual overload, incredible beauty, food to die for. One of my favorite places in all the world.

alice said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!!!! And more importantly, Happy birthday, Will!! May you live long and prosper. (I swear, that's the first time I have ever quoted Star Trek.....)

I love your writing. You inspire laughter, tears, and admiration for your well-rounded knowledge of current events, entertainment and history. I learn something new almost every time I visit your blog.

I absolutely adore Sir Paul. He is, and will always be, the touchstone of my youth. He's not the only one with memories of that appearance on Ed Sullivan. I was a screaming, lovestruck fan in junior high, and it defined our culture. Heavy.