Friday, July 10, 2009


Congratulations to my fellow Cancerian and former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr for his 69th birthday, which just happened this past Tuesday! SIXTY-NINE--everyone's favorite erotic number of course! Wow, the years sure don't go by in vain do they? Ringo still looks pretty darn good, but it could be due to the fact he keeps a full beard now and is always wearing sunglasses, so it's hard to see the passage of time on a highly obscured face, but I like that idea for when/if I make it to 69, so I'll keep a note of it. He was born Richard Starkey, but took on his famous stage name due to the enormous amount of rings he wore on his hands. To make it into the world's most famous musical group of all time with less-than-stellar talent must've felt like a dream to Ringo, and in no way am I putting him down, but let's face it, he was amongst giants such as Lennon, McCartney, and even Harrison who eventually became a genius in his own right. I think what made Ringo so great for the group was his down-to-earth personality, his enormous sense of humour, and his ability to get along with all of the boys in the band without too much ego. His solo career was quite respectable in the 70's too with songs such as this and this. An interesting essay praising his skills as a drummer can be read here.

You know, my niece is getting real big. Girl's stretching out and quite mature-looking and
she's only 11! YIKES! Kids grow up real fast these days! She's a very smart inquisitive little person, and she's always asking me if I have a girlfriend or who my female ex's have been--she'll ask her dad (my brother Charles) or BETTER YET my mother (that's a hoot knowing how much this must turn her fundamentalist Christian stomach) and neither one of them has really yet explained to this beautiful curious child yet that I am gay. HUH?! This makes me a bit uncomfortable, and I wonder if I should talk to my brother Charles and ask him to perhaps explain to his little one the queer birds and the bees--it truly is time don't ya think? Or would it be too early and damaging for my niecey to find out about the homoness of her very handsome uncle who loves/adores men? Yeah, because I don't wanna be too bold the next time she asks and just say out loud, "Hey sweetie, but I like boys!" This would prolly make my mother's head spin in horror! It would actually be funny now that I think about it. But, I'll talk to my brother about it. Any advice? The kid has a right and is old enough to know the truth correct?

Anyway, it's Friday and not a moment too soon. My God man! Speaking of homosexuality, here's Sir Ian McKellen, perhaps the greatest actor alive, whom I adore and admire beyond words! Ian must be some six thousand years old, and yet I think he's such a handsome gentleman, well-spoken, inspiring, and he tears up Bibles?! SAY WHAT?! FIND OUT HERE:


RG said...

Ringo Star - my God! 69?!!!!!

You're telling your niece about your sexual orientation is really up to your brother. However, by the time she's 13, I bet she'll probably figured it out on her own and it will be like, "Duh - like it was a secret."

However, if Charles doesn't say anything by her 13th birthday, you should say something, but in front of your mom, just to watch her head explode.

alicein1derland said...

I have always loved Ringo - he had such a mellow demeanor. He was probably a great buffer between the high- maintenance personalities of Lennon and McCartney.

About your neice - they are so wise, at such a young age now, but it probably should be your brother's call. Does your brother have those kind of talks with her - are they that open with each other?? She does need to know the truth, but when, and from whom?

Sebastien said...

Can't help but laugh with your niece. But I don't see any reason why she shouldn't know. Seems almost silly that she wouldn't already know. As if that kind of knowledge would damage her psyche, haha!!!

Eddie said...

I understand how you feel regarding your brother not telling your niece about you being gay. I too have a similar situation with my sister Natalie and my nephew Eddie.

Despite this, I fully understand and accept my sister's approach to it as she doesn't see it necessary for my nephew to dive into my sexuality at age 12. My nephew is really intuitive and connected, so it's only a matter of time before he figures it out on his very own.

It really is up to your brother to decide if he wants to explain to his daughter about your sexuality.

There's nothing to be ashamed of so it would be a good idea if the parents tells the child and explains it as such... just normal.

Peace and Latin love...

PS. Sir Ian rocks...

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Didn't Ringo stop answering fan mail a year or so ago? I've been tempted to do the same but just can't do it.

Conclave27 said...

Well one, why should you hide? For years I been telling you to come out. I mean early on we are taught about human sexuality as "Mommy", "Daddy", and as kids play house..... and don't forget getting disciplined for liking guys at an early age.

If she asks the question then answer it. That is how you know when she is old enough. My god.... don't you know from an early age she has already been taught the "evil"s of homosexuality.... and stop being naive.... children know much more than you think. Next time you see tell her "Uncle Wil has been gay since the day I was born". Please given your male familie's unique sense of monogamy...please how much harmful can the gay

My surrogate nephew and niece know i don't like girls and there 2 & 4. He already ask and I told him for know... "I find girls icky... I don't like em and I don't need one". He is okay with that. Of course when he gets older I will explain more. Of course right now he thinks Hannah Montana is his girlfriend... and luckily I like Hannah Montana too!

BTW Sir Ian is right. Glad he rips that passage out. Funny though that the New testament passage in Letters is not ripped out as well.