Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I think human technology is pretty cool, and I most definitely prefer to be alive now than in 1709, but let's face it folks, we're still a pretty laughable primitive species!

I mean, we've got air travel, the radio, television, antibiotics, iPods, smartphones, the Internet, and we've supposedly gone to the moon some six times and back, but is this really the best we can come up with in 10,000 years of recorde
d human history?! WHAT?! I know, I know, I'm such a demanding ungrateful bastard, but if you remember the Star Wars franchise, the humans in that galaxy were able to travel to all sorts of planets and moons with effortless speed! I mean, look at the Death Star for crying out loud--an amazing space station that could harbor thousands of personnel and destroy planets on command! What do we even have in our own reality that even comes close to this?! ZILCH! The 20th century is historic for introducing more technological advancements than any other, and it truly revolutionized our lives in many ways and even let us live a bit longer, but I dunno man, I'm frankly not that impressed when considering how much more ahead of the game we could AND SHOULD be. I know all this crap takes money, but to still be driving cars/flying jets that burn that nasty fuel further destroying our ozone layer and exacerbating global warming; there really has to be a better way! We're so painfully primitive! We should be living like The Jetsons by now! I'm serious! If we can imagine it, and show it on television or film, why not put it into practice?! It takes almost a day to jet travel to the other side of the world?! That's bloody ridiculous! RIDICULOUS!!!

This is all starting to create a big shift in my perception of reality--I think I am starting to believe in extraterrestrial life! I mean, for years I've thought it a silly and insane idea that there could be other sentient life forms out there as smart as us, but this has been my own egotistical biases at work, for only now do I look at humanity as a whole and realize we are just not as supreme as we think we are. As horrible as it is to admit, Nazi Germany did some good in bringing us revolutionary technology still in use today, but it is probably thanks to that Roswell crash in New Mexico back in 1947 that we got even more advanced knowledge than ever before. These UFOs are real damnit--and so are those aliens maneuvering them. Have I gone mad? Am I stoned as I write this?! NO! The longer I spend in that dead-end job, the longer I just plain live in this boring monotony, the more I think about these endless philosophical questions! And I have come to the startling (for me) conclusion, that we are not alone! We just can't be! We're too darn primitive, and these aliens are watching us, helping us in certain ways, and at other times painfully abducting us perhaps?! EEK! Oh don't mind me, maybe I have lost my marbles or gotten high one too many times, but it's all starting to make sense, even though I feel more confused than ever before. This universe is just too damn big and complex!

I'm going to see this band live in concert tonight near my house! And all four of them are so good-looking too:


Conclave27 said...

LOL.... after years of telling you about my experiences with the Xenobiological lifeforms, now you choose to believe me? As far as technology goes, we are making advances every day. However, one thing that fiction and movies don't show you is the impact that technology has on ecology.

For example.... the Jetsons, if we allowed ourselves to have gone with the Nuclear Agenda we would have flying cars, etc... thats what the Jetsons were promoting... the nuclear family way of life. Yet all is not well in the city of the future. Did you every wonder why you say none of the planet's surface? Why the cities were so high up in the clouds? Because this way of living ruined the planet's surface. Acid, strip mining, possible nuclear fallout, etc...

In the novels, Star Wars does show the ugly side of technology. Whol planets and population are displaced so a "race" can strip mine the planet for precious minerals and resources. Some planets that were once full of lush life are left barren and broken by the galactic empire. Courascant itself is a nightmare..... the planet is jut one big city.... and heaven forbid should you dig deep and visits the surface.... the slums, heaps of waste.... a sea of sewage.

Anonymous said...

You're reminding me of the weird religion, the one where the Bible was written by aliens. Urantia or something like that. But, according to them, we're supposed to be destroyed soon by some giant asteroid or something.

As for me, I still have trouble using the microwave so more advancements in cooking technologies would leave me having to build a fire to cook.

RG said...

We would be 4 centuries further along in our technology if it hadn't been for the rise of the Christian church. There were huge technological innovations in Central America, which the Spanish burned in their conquests of the Aztecs and other cultures. Imagine the information we would have if we didn't burn everything that was heretical!

And it is a statistical improbability that we're the only sentient beings in this universe, let alone in our Milky Way galaxy. I'm sure there are some advanced beings watching us, more probably, have been guiding us along in our development. Too bad as a human race we've managed to fuck it all up.

Do you realize though, that if we did have an advanced civilization visit us, in our lifetimes it would CHANGE EVERYTHING. Perhaps then, well see another age of reason and inquiry.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

When it comes to air travel, I don't think we're much more advanced than they were in 1709.

Gary said...

We are not alone!

Read Shirley McLaine's book Sage-ing while Age-ing.

alice said...

In my lifetime, advances have been enormous. I can remember our family buying our first color tv. I've witnessed more changes, than I would have ever thought possible, when I was your age. So by the time you reach my advanced years, the progress could be mind-blowing.

Being technologically stupid, the new-and-improved-everything is a little intimidating for me. So to learn the ever-impressive inventions that emerge on the market each year, I rely on my kids, who have no fear in approaching these scientific wonders. Ah....to be that liberated....