Tuesday, October 20, 2009


That balloon hoax family needs to be deported to the moon or something, because they're f*cking retarded.

Holy cow! Lemme tells ya about this movie I watched this weekend! Did you guys hear about the horror flick, P2 some two years ago? It takes place in this parking lot in NYC, and this film was wicked intense! Very nice job and well done, although I have to warn ya that it does contain quite possibly perhaps the most disturbing graphic death scene I think I have ever witnessed in a movie! YIKES! I turned away in time, but still saw enough and EEEEEEEEEK!!! But don't let this deter you now! LOLOL! Really great suspense and stuff, but I know these types of movies are not everybody's cup of tea, so I won't force you, but you'll get to see my famous actor brother Wes Bentley in one of the two main roles! Wes is most famous for his role as Ricky, the teenager neighbor to Kevin Spacey's family in American Beauty who seduces Thora Birch's character and has that strange former military psycho father. He is remarkably similar to me in looks I think, and not too shabby an actor I must say. He's got dem big BIG expressive eyes like moi and he's quite handsome. Like moi. HA!

Saturday Night Live has been quite funny this season so far. I'm actually kind of impressed. The episodes hosted by Ryan Reynolds, Drew Barrymore, and Gerard Butler just this past Saturday have all been pretty hysterical. Or maybe I was just stoned watching? HA. I dunno, but good stuff. Gerard Butler of course, is that Scottish actor most famous for his role as the leader of those mighty hot in-shape very gay Spartans in 300. Butler is a hottie if I may say so myself, although how much of that brogue would I have to withstand before it drove me crazy, either from extreme lust or passion, or just plain annoyance is beyond me.

This is probably my favorite skit of the new SNL season so far, because it makes almost no sense and it's just so absolutely f*cking absurd:


Gary said...

and speaking of horror flicks, I just saw Paranormal Activity on Monday night which was pretty good. Since you like that sort of thing you might want to check it out as well.

Oh, and I don't have a Halloween costume yet either which is unheard of at this point.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Agreed on the brogue. It's a thin line between passion and annoyance.

alice said...

I could listen to Gerald Butler every day and twice on Sunday. He was in the movie "P.S. I Love You" with Hilary Swank, and his character is an Irishman. He was adorable.

Wes could easily play a creepy villain because there always seems to be a lot going on behind those brooding eyes.....