Friday, October 16, 2009


I'll take all the advice and comments on this post I can get! PLEASE! Merci!

Does it pay in this life to be a jerk? An asshole? A bitch? Do nice guys always finish last? I'm starting to wonder about humans and their attraction to masochistic behavior, but is it me, or do really mean and manipulative people get what
they want and are more successful at it? I think so! When you don't really have a conscience, when you are selfish beyond acceptable standards, and able to detach yourself from emotionally really caring, do you not achieve more in this life, than when you're some feeling dramatic overly sensitive loser?! A fascinating issue to analyze really. Good girls always end up falling in love with asshole men, and it's those dudes that always get the tail. The better looking a person is, the more of a real bastard, especially when it comes to a guy. American culture is very faulty folks, this country rewards sociopaths in every which way. We are superficial and ridiculously vapid beyond belief. Look at all the reality shows that people watch. Good-looking banal empty-headed turds who get paid hefty amounts, like the amazing IQ-lowering f*cktards on The Hills. I mean, really now! However, you'll hear everyone say that karma eventually gets to these shallow people, and they eventually suffer the consequences of their behavior/actions. But is this true?! People do get away with murder folks. They really do. I need to know, so that maybe I can start shifting myself into asshole mode to get what/who I want. LOL! Time and time again, people will say, "Don't ever change!" Whatever. Maybe that's what I need to honestly do. I am quite good at being an ass mind you if I really put my mind to it and I just fortunately happen to be devastatingly handsome, so eat my shorts and drop dead. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway folks. There was more I had to say and share with you, but I've suddenly hit a bit of writer's block here. So I will end this post now I guess, or just keep rambling about whatever comes to my preciously tormented mind. Did you all see this hilarious clip that has become one of the biggest YouTube sensations in its short history? Yes, the adorable little kid who has just left the dentist and is still high off the laughing gas. Funny in itself, but here is this brilliant spoof:


mkf said...

like attracts like, babe--tell me, would you really want to spend your life with the kinda guy who'd be attracted to an asshole?

your problem is, you're the one who's buying into all this "the hills" shit--you're the one who finds himself making allowances for assholes because they happen to be hot (which, btw, says far more about you than them).

as someone who's made a career of fucking and walking away from guys like you describe, can i just tell you that if i had to choose between spending a year on a desert island with one of them or you, i'd go with you in a heartbeat.

you remind me of that old steely dan song from my high-school days: "the things you think are precious, i can't understand."

do sociopaths advance further in the game of life? some of 'em do, yeah--but they do it without even an ounce of the joy of which you are capable.

my advice is, learn to value what you have to offer, and look for someone who makes your dick hard and can offer you the same in return.

[i'll come back to apologize for this comment when i sober up, but of course by then it will be too late]

RG said...

You don't have it in you to be an asshole.

mkf said...

morning-after clarification: that was meant to be a pep talk, not a proposal ;)

Conclave27 said...

Wait.... I thought you were an asshole all this time??? OMG... You haven't even started yet???? Heidi and Spencer better head for the hills, cause when you do become a REAL A-hole watch out!!!

You are right though, society does not appreciate the people who are nice or live on the straight and narrow well they are alive. There many people out there who sacrifice and do the right thing, only to have "Karma" bite them in the butt time and time again for being "good". I know of one awesome person.... who has been made to suffer awfully.... he tries to the everything by the book... with compassion and understanding... and even goes as far to give people second chances and open his heart time and again... only to have it squashed and shit on. Nice guys do finish last...

Look Don't be an Asshole... and Don't be Mr. Nice. In the end... be yourself, the man who loves you will love you for your faults and well as the gems you have. Stopping being so hung up on physical appearance so much.... you will grow old and putrefy.... trick is to go old gracefully and with dignity that preserves your spirit.

Conclave27 said...

The Net can be so funny....

alice said...

I've been told that I'm a nice person. All my life. And I have thought, in the past, that nice guys/gals DO finish last. But the thing is, they do finish....with great appreciation for a life well lived. I can be a bitch sometimes - but I always regret it. And knowing the kind of person you are, I think being an asshole would haunt you.

Be true to what comes natural. It's less tiring than the attempt to be something you're not. And I think the people who do love you for who you are, will help comfort you when there are others who don't.

Gary said...

It depends on what you find important. If you want material things and shallow successes or of the moment joy then by all means pursue that in any way you can. It is not difficult to be an asshole.

It does seem like those folks come out ahead. Sitting pretty in their expensive apartments and whatnot. But are they satisfied? Isn't that the goal in life? To be able to sit with yourself and be proud of who you are?

Maybe the 'assholes' are or don't think about it. Would you?

Gary said...

And BTW, where oh where have you been?