Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Congratulations to the Brazilians! Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the 2016 Olympic Games! That is quite an achievement--South America has never hosted an event such as this, and it will bring with it lots of money, attention, and perhaps help clean up much of their massive poverty and crime. Brazilians are a very erotic and sexual people, and those men are to die for. I can't wait, and I'll see you there--time to brush up on my Portuguese baby!

I'm losing money every time I miss work now, because I've run out of time on the books. UGH! My next check should be less moola, but oh well. I am severely unmotivated now to even get up and haul myself over to the office. I'll still have a j
ob mind you due to psychiatric note protection and all, but whatever. UGH! I've reached my breaking point, and feel stuck, but you've read this sh*t all before. Oh, and more good financial news about California right here. Excellent article I must say on the sad collapse of my home state. And the demise of our fabulous dollar can be found here. Yes folks, our economy is not turning around anytime soon, it is tanking severely and will continue to, despite what you hear the bastards in office or "experts" tell you. They don't care about us, they just want our money, and if they can no longer milk us for the little we've been worth, they're just gonna let us starve to death. I hate to sound so cynical, but that's the way it looks to me, like those Third World countries some of our parents escaped to come here for! LOL!

The world famous Louvre, the huge art museum located in belle Paris is going to have a McDonald's?! ROFLMAO! What a way to piss off the French mate! Zut alors! C'est une grande merde!

My good co-worker/bud graciously invited me to lead sing with other band mates at his home in beautiful San Marino, CA on Sunday afternoon. It was a sort of recital for his guitar students, so I had to sing this Green Day song, and this one over and over again, but it was fun! The kids and parents we performed for were very nice, and San Marino is one nice affluent area I must say. So quiet and peaceful there, except when we were making all that racket with a full-on band! I got some pics to show you:


Conclave27 said...

lol.... blue dots? The the Fiery Eyes of Allah.... what are we coming too? would have been funnier if you did Yellow Dotes with happy faces.... and also should of blurred out Dictator Barry Sotero on one of the kids shirts....lol...

Well despite everything I am glad you had a fun time doing a gig? Perhaps that is what you need? Heck Joaquin Phoenix did it... Keanu did it... perhaps the road and band life is for you....

motivateunay isay ecausebay ofay hetay arymay anejay...... maw maw

Conclave27 said...

"There is people that sometimes suggest that the American dream, or the Californian dream, is evaporating. I think it's absolutely wrong. I think the Californian dream is as strong as ever" -Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of CA

Yeah.... it's called a dream... if people stopped dreaming and get there heads out of there pot hazed induced comas and worked with reality perhaps CA would be a better place to live. Only way we are gonna get this economy back on track is to oust all the illegals, strengthen the border, restructure our spending, rewrite the tax code and frivolous laws. Stop dreaming and wake up people!Take of those rose colored glasses!

RG said...

Don't you look at cute 'n shit! Sorry to say that I wish I could sing. But alas, I can't carry a tune in a bucket.

Sorry to read that your job is still sucking bits and pieces out of your soul.

On the brighter side, as least LA hasn't burned to the ground. Yet. (giggle)

mkf said...

i'll meet you in rio, baby--and i promise not to remind you how old you'll be in 2016 if you promise to return the favor.

[aren't you glad to have me as a commenter?]

alice said...

If my choices were Rio and Chicago, I think I would have chosen Rio also - although I have never been to either location. But Rio just sounds more romantic and fun. I hope there are no major crime problems when all the olympiads are there. That would suck.

I'm sorry work is such a drain for you - I hope something turns up that will make you happy to leave your present circumstances and dive into something new.

In speaking about the economy... uh... I'm immediately depressed. Ick.

Sebastien said...

Can't believe they have a mcdonalds at the louvre now. It kind of pisses me off, but it's quite funny and ironic.