Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've been sleeping fine, except most of my desire to do it comes during the daytime! EEK! I'm nocturnal, which really conflicts with work and my other sun-loving friends, LOL!

I watche
d the amazingly interesting film, District 9 on DVD. The special effects and visual presentation of this movie are EXCELLENT. You can't take your eyes off the screen--never a dull moment. At times it is disturbing, violent, and very gritty--a social commentary on the stupidity of humanity. That it takes place in South Africa is quite fascinating too. There are major plot holes in the picture however. I don't wanna give it away, for I want you guys to check it out, but definitely worth seeing. And by the way, if that is what Johannesburg is really like, no thanks! What a shitty human cesspool! We got poverty and human trash here in L.A too but it does not even come close to some of these Third World nightmare cities. Cities are such a Western concept, and I'm not sure if everyone can handle them! LOL!

I am regular listener of The Howard Stern Show on satellite radio, and was shocked and upset to hear recently that Howard's on-air regular sidekick Artie Lange is under
major psychiatric treatment for a serious suicide attempt over the holidays. Artie is a fat lovable funny slob with a terrible drug addiction problem, namely heroin. It's like that celebrity rehab show with Dr. Drew I've been kinda sorta watching on VH-1. These people in entertainment have been fortunate to make it in the business and have great high-paying careers I could only dream of for now, and yet they get lost with destructive hardcore drug abuse! I just don't get it, and it's quite sad. Artie didn't just try to overdose or slit his wrists, he actually stabbed himself! YIKES! All the best to him and I hope he's able to rid himself forever of those terrible demons.

Davey Wavey is Canadian, very gay, and quite funny:


A Lewis said...

Oh, yeah, sure...you just HAD to mention foreskin in the post title, didn't you?

Palm Springs Savant said...

fun video WAT.

Now about Artie, yes, I'm a huge Stern Show fan too, (for ages) and feel so badly about Artie. ::sigh::

mkf said...

haven't seen 'district 9,' hate howard stern, davey wavey leaves my legendarily pleasurable penis with a decided limp, but i can totally relate to the whole day-is-night thing.

one outta four's not bad, right?