Friday, January 22, 2010


My chiropractor showed me my X-rays on Monday, and said my neck has slight scoliosis! I gotta lower my left shoulder a bit more and correct my posture. Doc says I gotta stand tall and proud! When I was going to the gym, my posture sure did improve, but I haven't been inside one of those foreign places in like forever! Oh, and these recent visits to the chiro are due to my car accident last month--my brother's law firm has ordered me to go and get therapy as often as possible. We wanna make some money off the insurance okay? AHEM. Besides, I truly did suffer whiplash, and my poor car was dented, and the radiator was f*cked up, and yada, yada, yada...

Wait just a minute here. HOLD YOUR HORSES FOLKS. Who tha hell is Aaron Schock you ask?! Just when I couldn't keep my drool in over recently elected handsome Scott Brown to the Senate , now
I read about this Aaron guy who is only 28 years old and is a member of the House of Representatives?! I gotta say, Congress is slowly but surely going to be taken by sexually attractive men! LOL! A STRAIGHT WOMAN'S/GAY MAN'S DREAM! A clip right here of Aaron if you wanna see this little dork geek stud. He is the youngest member of Congress. WOW. He sounds kind of gay doesn't he? Hey Aaron, you'd be perfect for me. Even though you're a Republican. I forgive you. I'm not the greatest cook, but I'm competent. And I'm smart, funny, and damn good in bed! I'm almost trilingual too!

I hear this song on satellite radio all the time. I really like:


A Lewis said...

Get thee to the gym. Now. Today. And don't stop.

Gary said...

wow, I am loving that x-ray for some reason. I, of course, can't see anything askew but it is still cool.

Hope you continue on the path towards healing.

I watched your vids on this Aaron character. He is cute and young and does sound gay. So many of the rebublicans are gay and self loathing and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he is. I am tired of all those closeted, right wing, duplicitous, characters (not saying he is one, just fed up with the lot of 'em).

On a side note, wonderful to see you back on FYB! I have missed your feedback/comments.