Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I think James Cameron is going to topple his previous blockbuster Titanic, with his latest film, as biggest grossing movie of all time. And yet, I still haven't made time to go see AVATAR! DARN! When adjusted for inflation though (since movie tickets are much more expensive now), the greatest money-making film of all time is Gone with the Wind. That's right Ashley Wilkes!

It's too bad the Massachusetts Senate race to take over the late Ted Kennedy's vacant seat is probably going to be won by a Republican.
Not that the Democrats are any better, but at least they tend to be more liberal and open-minded. It's between this woman Martha Coakley and Scott Brown. Now lemme tell ya something though--the problem is, I am profoundly attracted to Scott Brown, the Republican. Have ya seen this guy?! SO VERY HANDSOME! A STUD! GIMME A WOLF WHISTLE OR TWO! He's in his early fifties, but damn does he look good. Anyway, they're holding the special election today. The hot dude looks like he'll win--no doubt a lot of superficial people will go for his looks. I'm so glad I'm not at all like this. LOL! I think he used to model when he was younger, and I can see why. Wonder if Scott might not even be a closet homo? Hmmm...

There was a pretty strong quake that hit Guatemala and El Salvador yesterday, but luckily there was no major damage. EEK MAN! After what has hap
pened in Haiti, I think the seismic areas of the world are on major alert and on edge, not excluding those of here in Los Angeles. GULP! I've been watching tons of live earthquake footage on YouTube, just to prepare myself for when one of these monsters hits again. The trick ya see, is to not panic. DO NOT PANIC. PANICKING AND RUNNING LIKE CRAZY IS ONE OF THE MAJOR REASONS PEOPLE DIE. Ya gotta stay put and react as calmly as possible, despite the fact the ground beneath ya is shaking violently. Ironically, it was just this past weekend, that we had that big Northridge quake in 1994. 16 years since that fateful early morning! Our old house shook like hell back then, but I was half asleep! LOL! We were lucky to personally not have had damage or been injured, but many were not so fortunate.

Here is a hilarious vulgar reaction to a pretty strong moderate quake in Costa Rica last year. These are two native-born Americans living there doing this show live when all of a sudden:


Gary said...

I went to see Avatar this weekend. I thought it was a good movie but honestly I feel that the hype about it being the best movie ever hurt my impression of it. How can anything live up to that kind of build-up?

And I am glad to know that Gone With the Wind is still number one cause I love, love, love that movie.

Palm Springs Savant said...

you are right, he is uber-handsome. And now a US Senator too. At least something interesting to watch on C-Span...