Friday, January 15, 2010


WOW. HAITI. What a mess!

This earthquake could not have happened to a more undeserving place. They're already poor and f*cked up, and now THIS?! YEESH MAN! It's just sad. So very sad, but I think it's nice to see the world come together to send as much help as pos
sible. It sucks that it takes something so catastrophic to unite us as human beings, but alas, that is our nature. I found a good page of where we can all donate money and stuff right here. Yeah, time to step up right? At work, I had to play geography teacher to some of my co-workers who had no idea where Haiti is on a map. UGH! "Now this is Florida, that's Cuba, Jamaica, here is the island of Hispaniola shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and there's Puerto Rico." I mean, come on people-- learn your Caribbean island nations okay? LOL. I have a monumental clip right here of the quake as it happened. Man, these things are powerful, and I fear and pray for the ground beneath my own feet.

Jay Leno sucks! H
E SUCKS! I've never liked him. Completely unfunny and a horrible interviewer and his show at 10p.m. has failed miserably, prompting NBC to give him back The Tonight Show at his old time slot. What is very unfair about this whole deal is the loser in all of this is Conan O'Brien, who ACTUALLY IS funny and charming. Jay Leno needs to go period, and leave Conan his new show okay, but it looks as though NBC is going to really screw him over. The real winner and the one laughing all the way to Nielsen ratings gold is David Letterman. His show has definitely benefited from this whole entire late night mess. I like David a lot, Conan rocks, Kimmel's okay, and I guess that Scottish guy is kinda funny too (although the brogue drives me a bit crazy), but LENO is just plain bad, a dullard, a BORE. UGH. My Hungarian bud in Hollywood would so agree. :) KEEP CONAN YOU STUPID ASSHOLES. Thank you.

I have a three-day weekend! HOOOOOOORAY! Yeah, my workload has increased, I need all the time away from there as possible.

The year: 1969!!! George Harrison gives us this masterful beautiful song Something, with his very famous little band The Beatles:


mkf said...

two things:

(1) as much as i love conan, i also actually like leno (yeah, i know--eat me, everybody)

(2) here's the thing i've always wondered, wat: back in 1968, the beatles opened their abbey road studios to a young american prodigy by the name of james taylor, who produced--at about the same time as george--a really great track i still have on my ipod to this day entitled "something in the way she moves."

which came first, the chicken or the egg? i'd love to know the real story.

A Lewis said...

oh yeah, it is a holiday weekend for some.....hum. what do ya know.

As for seems that the trouble always occurs in places that can't afford it or take care of it. Very sad.

Gary said...

Terrible news about Haiti. I actually have not watched any of the videos about the destruction and therefore decided to follow your link - but it has been removed. I guess I am being kept from seeing it for a reason.

Hope things are going well for you. xoxo

WAT said...

Gary: Yes, that clip was removed, but I found a working version, so it should work now. Try it again.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Its almost surreal, the quake, isn't it? And here we sit thinking how safe and perfect we are, when at any moment we could have our own disaster that would render us inoperable and desperate. ::sigh::

Totally agree with you on Leno btw.