Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey, where are all your comments good people? I've got a terrible case of wanting to sleep all day and staying up all night! YEESH MAN! Is my depression this bad?! Like right now, I should be asleep, but here I am typing away, wide awake eating Doritos! LOL!

I watched th
is movie made in 1951 called A Place in the Sun, starring the gorgeous Montgomery Clift, who was 29 years old at the time. MAMA MIA MAN! Montgomery was just so damn hot. I missed out meeting him! He had a terrible drinking and alcohol problem sadly. Anyway, I've discussed Monty before, but I can't get over what a hunk this fool was. The movie also starred Liz Taylor--she was only about 17 years old at the time! WOW! Liz looked stunning; the woman was born with good genes. Not so stunning in her role was Shelley Winters. LOLOLOL! I suppose that was the point, but STILL! And then it hit me. This film was made almost sixty years ago, which means most of the people who worked on it, or were IN IT, are DEAD. MY GOD. Liz is still around thankfully, but it really brings home the true brevity of life. Yes, in about sixty years, most of us will be dead, or barely alive! It is said that Liz Taylor had recently found out her dad was a homo, and that from that moment on, she took to getting along with gay men fabulously, including Montgomery Clift. We love Liz, our beloved living legendary FAG HAG.

Betty White got a lifetime tribute at the SAG Awards on
Saturday, and here's a girl that knows how to keep on going, even after 60 years in show business! WOW! CONGRATS TO THIS AMAZING LADY! I have a feeling, that Betty will be the only Golden Girl left standing, because I recently heard poor Rue McClanahan had a minor stroke. Rue is now 75, and her health has not been too good; meanwhile Betty just turned 88 years young and is still acting up a storm! I wish Rue a speedy recovery--ya know losing Estelle and Bea in the last two years has really been hard, because I grew up with that show, and to see these ladies pass away is kind of sad. Alas, that's the way the ball bounces, but I don't want to think about youth, vitality, and life itself being so temporary...

To Rue:


A Lewis said...

I have to say, as odd as it sounds, that I hate hate hate to see these 'girls' passing on. They brought such an amazing piece of our lives to us....via the television. Such cutting edge for it's time. As for the Doritos, what flavor...I love the purple bag (spicy and sweet).

mkf said...

hey, at least we like the same old-ass movies.

Gary said...

Thanks for posting that video about Rue. Did you happen to read her autobiography 'My First Five Husbands'? It is a good read.

I have missed all of the award shows (it just seems crazy that we would watch the rich and famous pat one another on the back. Where are the awards for the everyday people who change lives?)

But I have not missed A Place in the Sun. I went through my Monty/Elizabeth phase a while back but that movie is famous for that kiss! I love the old movies and Liz, although she has been in her share of bombs, has made some good ones.

alice said...

I remember when I first saw that movie - I was just a young girl, and my mom and dad were discussing what a great couple Liz and Monty were. They were best friends for as long as he was alive - and I've heard she was always a very loyal friend. My parents had no clue about gays back then - plus that sort of thing was never discussed, as they were very shy and reserved. My mom had a very difficult time accepting that Rock Hudson was gay.

I adored the Golden Girls and Betty White. God bless her for still hanging in there.