Tuesday, June 27, 2006


To everything there is a season...

Well, this is a bit of sad news. A human being that is 16 years old is still a young immature bratty teenager.

A dog this age however, translates into: 16x7= 112 years old. It is seven years for every human one in doggy years correct?

As short as their lifespan is, these amazing animals really are a joy to have as loyal friends and companions. When they die, it truly can be devastating for an owner or family, as they really do become an emotional and important part of our lives.

Well, there goes Moose, the adorable
Jack Russell Terrier who was on the enormously popular Frasier sitcom playing Eddie. He was about 16 years old and just recently died.

Forever a part of television history, R.I.P. furry little friend.




Todd said...

Dogs are cool. I know when I lost my cat it was very upsetting. Hence I have no pets anymore...

Mario said...

I wish 7 dog years corresponded to 1 human year instead... I can't have dogs, I get too attached and they die too soon. It's stupid, I know, but the experience of having a dog in the past (to see him die after 10 years) devasted me. Dogs are nicer than most people I know.

Dalamar said...

Well remember their life expactancy is about 12-18 years depending on the breed.

However it is a misnomer that 1 human year is equal to 7 dogs years. Just becuase a creature has a short lifespan, doesn't mean they share the same periods we do.

Sure a dog reaches sexual maturity around age 1, but it pretty much remains and adult until the final year of is life. When its health begins to fail.

It all a matter of how you percieve yourself, dogs do not know that they are old. Yet until they die, they are pretty much just themselves.

As humans we have pretencious notions of age categories ...infant ...todler ...child ..pre-teen ....teen ...young-adult ....adult ...muture adult ...pre-senior ...senior .... and corpse.

Elves and dwarves never make such assumptions, they only regret that we live such a short time.

Our prayers our with you "Eddie"

Wolfie grrl said...

I was sad till I read he killed a cat. Burn in hell now fukker! lol