Friday, June 09, 2006


Well friends, the World Cup 2006 begins today in Deutschland!

WOOHOO! I imagine most Americans could give a flying donkey's ass about it, but those of us with strong recent foreign roots seem to care. I do, mainly because my direct heritage is Hispanic, and my brother got me hooked on watching the games back in 1982, when I witnessed my first
World Cup tournament, which then was held in Spain I believe.

Soccer is really not that boring as many like to say. Yeah, I know it's a pretty low-scoring game and the ball seems to just move back and forth and never really go anywhere, but I think what makes the game so interesting are the rabid fans in the stands--their chanting, screaming, and genuine energy really gives the games quite a "kick" (excuse the pun). Soccer hooligans they call them I believe?

Another incentive to watch is that many of the players are quite young and good-looking. Okay, that's purty gay I know, but come on, it's true! HOT DAMN! There be lots of fine ass boys to watch as they play with that ball! Ahem.

And of course, when a goal is scored, it can be quite exciting, since it is such a rarity. The pride and nationalism displayed by the fans when their country's team scores can be quite an exhilarating thing to watch. The flags go up, the feet start a'stompin', and the roar becomes deafening.

By now, most of you must be aware of how hilarious the Spanish-language broadcasts are when a goal is scored. The announcer will usually hold out the call for a good minute or two as he holds out the note and hollers "
¡Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllll!" Yeah, that is kinda cool and pretty unique. Catch some of the games on Univision if ya can, and you'll see what I mean.

So there ya have it. For the next month, soccer shall rule the attention of the world! I'm rooting for any of the Spanish-speaking countries, and our own U.S. soccer team.

Yes. Believe it or not, our team is in the World Cup. Seems to be though, that the rest of the world has better teams and they always seem to beat us early on.

Oh well, we can't be good at everything nor too much of a superpower I guess.



Marko said...

Theres something to say about soccer and rugby players...woof!

The Gay Guru said...

Me likes me some soccer players, but me justs dont gets the game. Kinda like golf but instead of one guy following around a little white ball with a stick, its a bunch of extrememly sexy guys following around a little white ball with their foot. Hmmmm, keeps forgetting about the sexy guys part, okay, i'll watch dammit..GG

Mikey said...

There is something about a dude in soccer shorts. Yumm

Mario said...

the best part is when the players celebrate a goal... many hug and kiss other players while rolling on the floor... Paraguay lost its first match (vs. UK) so stupidly. I'm still mad.