Thursday, June 29, 2006


Whoa! Could this be true?!

WASHINGTON (AP)—Having several older brothers increases the likelihood of a man being gay, a finding researchers say adds weight to the idea that there is a biological basis for sexual orientation.

I dunno man. Let's see. How many older brothers do I have? One, two, three, four, five. Shit! I have five! They say though, that we all have to be related through our mother, which is not my case. But I do have lots of older brothers technically.

The full article:

I remember a few years back another attempt to prove that homosexuality was biological was done by a researcher who studied the brains of already dead gay men to see if there was a size difference in the size as compared to heterosexuals, or something to that effect. That study is here: brain study.

And further STILL was another study done to show the difference between certain fingers and their lengths in straight vs. gay men. While all these studies have been very interesting and have been rather accurate and indicative about the biological basis for homosexuality, the jury is still pretty much out proving all of this scientifically.

The only way to truly prove that being gay is truly something you are born with, you need not go far but ask one of your gay relatives or friends how old they were when they knew. And overwhelmingly, most will answer that they were mere children when they truly were aware. Yeah, one's environment can and probably does play a role, but it is minimal compared to just truly being born that way.

Regardless of older brothers, brain size, and finger lengths.


Loren Soth said...

Well I doubt the number of siblings have a ruling on that. What about all the Older Brothers or single cgildren gay men?

People forget two things, sexuality is a choice as well as a biologocal disposition.

For example, it is safe to assume that at least 60% of gay men are born as homosexuals. They have been atracted to the same sex without any introduction to the "gay lifestyle" or culture. I fall inot this category.

Then let us assume that another 20% were born heterosexual. Yet over the years through emotional scaring from women, situations with no females, or simple a choice they choose to become homosexual. Pick any number of "older gay" men who have fathered children of come from a divorced marriage.

The last 20% I would assune are bisexual.

Now, this works the other as well folks. The other half of the equation are people who are born heterosexual. That is definately not me.

Then the last equation are those who homosexual and through chioce, social, religious, or family persicution they have decided to live in a heterosexual lifestyle. Example the "reformed" gays that some religious groups claim to have.

Remeber it purely biological to begin with, yet the enviorment will help shape our choice.

I was born a gay man and it is perfectly natural.

Bill German said...

I will join your survey: I have no brothers

Mikey said...

I still wonder about my older brother!! Another amazing posting!! Hope things are going well for you.

Todd said...

I'm with Bill. I have no brothers and am the second oldest with four sisters.

Mario said...

Sexuality can be a complicated thing. For me is simple, though. I've always felt gay, and I couldn't change this even if I wanted to. But we come in all shapes and colors, so I respect those who struggle a whole life to find out in their 40s or 50s they are actually gayer than straighter.

That older bothers' study sounds weird.