Monday, June 12, 2006


Here we go again!

It's a tropical storm at this point, but they're afraid that Alberto will turn into a hurricane as it makes landfall tomorrow morning.

I ask myself, why would anyone want to live in Florida anymore? This state now sounds like an annoying nightmare. Are they going to have to evacuate and prepare for hurricanes that constantly batter them every season from now on? I would imagine that this would become exhausting after a while. I mean, I'm sure this has always been an ordeal for them since time began, but as our little global warming problem continues to get worse, they're gonna have to deal with these large storms more often than ever in their history.

I've never been to Florida, and from what I hear it's a beautiful state, but I'd probably visit it only during winter or spring--lest a hurricane catch me while a tourist over there if I ever were to go!

Hurricanes are nothing new, and records have been kept since the Spaniards came to the Caribbean some 500 years ago. I believe they were the first to name them, hence the tradition we still hold onto today. Even with our modern tracking techniques, these storms still kill and cause large amounts of property damage regardless.

I'm sorry for ye Floridians and the Gulf Coast in general. Here's hoping this hurricane season is quieter than last year's. But it's highly unlikely. We're starting early again. And it's barely June; season ends in November.



Bill German said...

we need a good hurricane to wash all the filth away.... drains to ocean.....

Todd said...

What I don't get is why people pay millions of dollars for houses on the ocean when the landline is slowly slipping away.

Can you imagine insurance rates?

Derek said...

just found your blog and loving it, can I ask the main art on your site, who's work is it, it's wonderful.

Mikey said...

I was able to get to a computer and read your blog. People say the samething about California and earthquakes. One good thing about Florida is the water is a lot warmer then it is here.