Saturday, June 03, 2006


There have been glamorous, classy, and stylish movie stars since the beginning of film: Garbo, Bacall, Crawford, Davis, Gable, and Bogart--to name just a few.

But none have reached the level of glory as did the late
Marilyn Monroe.

Ah Marilyn. I honestly know just the basics on this woman and have probably only seen about two of her films, but what an impact she had in her short, but very successful years as an actress back in the 1950s.

Marilyn was and is America's greatest sex symbol of all time--a blonde bombshell who struck everyone as being an airhead and pretty dumb, but was nothing like most of the characters she played on film. It is said that she had quite an extensive collection of books in her house and was very well-read and informed; a most intelligent and profound woman indeed.

Marilyn beamed and had an extraordinary presence on camera, but sadly had a very difficult and heartbroken personal life. Her mother was mentally ill, she was raised as a foster child, had several failed marriages, suffered from depression, and quite possibly had affairs with very influential men of the time, including the Kennedy brothers. She may have even been bisexual too, supposedly having had a tryst with Joan Crawford, who it is rumored enjoyed the encounter so much that she wanted to repeat it again, but Marilyn declined, and Crawford hated her thereafter. Just like Mommie Dearest to behave like that huh?

Her untimely and shocking death at the young age of 36 was deemed an overdose of pills caused perhaps by suicide, but many to this day believe Monroe was murdered to keep her from revealing too many intimate details about her affairs with powerful men such as the Kennedys.

Marilyn Monroe never had to grow old, and will forever remain young and gorgeous in her movies and pictures. She has inspired countless other artists such as Elton John, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Andy Warhol and continues to be admired and adored the world over to this very day.

She is perhaps, the greatest and most immortal movie star in Hollywood history. A true stratospheric icon for the ages. Not bad Ms. Norma Jeane Baker.

Not bad at all.


G-Man said...

just a candle in the wind....

Marko said...

Thats funny you posted this, all week late at night on TCM, they have been playing a marathon of Marilyn's movies. Alot of them I had never watched b4, she was such a cool lady!

Mario said...

I always thought she was a good actress. I particularly liked her in "Niagara."

Bill German said...

only the good die young, that's why I'm still alive.....