Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Ya see tha date kiddies? Kinda freaky huh? The numbers synonymous with the Prince of Darkness.

Not that I'm expecting something catastrophic to happen today mind you.


I do worry in general however, especially ever since 9/11/01, that our planet is precipitating at a faster rate than usual towards something big and perhaps threatening to all life as we now know it. People are no longer feeling safe, thinking terrible things, and being negative in general. Let's face it, does anyone really feel secure after what the world witnessed on that dark September day back in 2001? We do not trust our government, we are at war in a terribly divided and hateful region, and the cost of living only gets worse every day.

What about global warming and the dismantling of our environment right before our very eyes? The polar ice caps are reportedly melting at a terrifying pace, polar bears are dying, the weather keeps getting more insane, hurricanes have gotten frighteningly powerful, earthquakes seem stronger, and we lived to hear about that horrendous tsunami that killed some 300,000 people!

Is the world as we know it coming to an end? The naysayers will argue: "They've been saying that for centuries!" People thought this during the Middle Ages and the onslaught of the Black Plague which killed millions throughout Europe. Surely many believed the world was coming to its demise during WWII, a terrible war which savagely and brutally saw the killing of 50 million souls and unimaginable destruction.

And yet, here we still are. The problem now though is, we are more connected to each other than at any other time in history. More countries and dangerous terrorists have possible access now to destructive nuclear weapons than ever before. Our planet is massively overpopulated with six and half billion people; our resources can only sustain so many. Rapid changes in our environment are occurring right before our very eyes.

How many people have you spoken to that don't have children now, agree that bringing them into this world at this moment makes them think twice?

The sad uncertainty, fear, and overall state of affairs of our world today only makes one wonder if this is truly not the end of things as we know it.

And if not the end, for sure something Earth changing is happening as we speak.

Or is it all just hype?


The Gay Guru said...

Great minds think alike, lol. Yea, you are a lot more deep on your post than i was, liked it a lot. I was going for the quick humor..=) Hope your week is going good blogger friend......cya....GG

Todd said...

It does seem like something has to give. There are too many people, too many selfish people, too many people who don't care. Our misuse of the natural resources is going to have a payback, as is being demonstrated. And with that freak in the White House...it's only going to get worse.

Bill German said...

head for the hills

G-Man said...

Well, good news my friend. We survived the end of the world. We survived it on 12-31-99 and we did it again on 6-6-06. Now my question is, how did "The Omen" do at the box office? Shame.

Marko said...

One can only speculate. things have been really fucked up lately thats for sure!