Wednesday, March 19, 2008


IT MAKES MOST OF THE WORLD CRINGE TO HEAR THAT HEATHER MILLS HAS WALKED AWAY WITH CLOSE TO $50,000,000 FROM HER DIVORCE SETTLEMENT WITH ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGWRITING GENIUSES TO EVER LIVE! He's not a genius when it comes to divorce however, and not signing a pre-nup has hopefully shown Sir Paul McCartney how costly one of these money grubbing beatches can truly be; the poor naive man married this Mills bitch trying to rekindle his wonderful marriage to Linda, and ignorantly fell in love with that ideal. Like many in the working world, I go to an office and spend hours each week wading in a cubicle trying to get a simple decent measly paycheck and Mills got to screw an old wealthy singer/songwriter for less than five years, plopped out a daughter, and has come out with this whopping amount of money?! OH IS LIFE UNFAIR PEOPLE?! OH YES IT IS! EEK! I've bought plenty of Beatles merchandise, and to think I've helped fund Heather Mills greed is so depressing! May the British tabloid press continue demonizing this woman, for she richly deserves all the negative coverage she has been getting! Even the judge said Mills was nothing but a lying vixen; not in those words, but in the most diplomatic way possible. Plenty of articles on this story like this one here and here. And video footage of the gold digger going off after court, because Lord knows she just can't keep her damn mouth ever shut. So yes, can she just disappear for good, now that this annoying Beatles-related saga is officially over?! -
I have never been a big fan of Mariah Carey, but I do recognize the woman's amazing potential to generate hit catchy songs, and it looks as though her new album might be full of more #1 singles for her! She's very close to tying The Beatles for most hit #1 singles in America at this point; the Fab Four have 20 #1 singles total and she's at 17 right now. I just saw her on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and her new stuff seemed simple, but good enough to continue her record going strong as the masses buy her drab act up. Part of me cannot understand how her body of work can even compare to the greatness of the Liverpudlians, but there you have it. Somehow she has sneakily managed to make her songs big big hits, thanks to her very whorish sluttish appearance and her ability to make her voice go into those crazy annoying octaves, even though she can't dance worth shit.
And speaking of a hit maker, Madonna is just about ready to release her latest CD, and although I'm not too crazy about her collaboration with Justin "Hawk Nose" Timberlake, I have already had the chance to preview her new upcoming single thanks to other fellow bloggers like the rad girl who runs this page where u can hear this new NOT SO IMPRESSIVE tune. I know Madonna is one big giant narcissistic attention-whore, and she's just aching to have a #1 hit single in America again, after an eight-year drought since last topping the charts back in 2000 with "Music". We'll see how she fares in her collaboration with Timberlake, but she better be prepared to watch Mariah kick ass on the charts. By the way, I keep hearing Madonna's marriage to Guy Ritchie may be in trouble and that she may be moving back to New York?! How much will she have to pay him if there were a divorce settlement? HAHA!
And Howard Stern said the following witty funny remark yesterday on the air, "If John Lennon were still alive, I wonder how many friends he'd have on his MySpace page."

Howard also said, "I HATE HEATHER MILLS."



M- Filer said...

Rest assurred, Madonna has a pre-nup! Girlfriend is no fool when it comes to business and money matters.

I agree with you on Mariah Scary. I don't really like her, but I think this might be a pretty good album, and I do like the fact that she lost some of that hideous back-fat. Pop star Divas have no business being fat.

Heather Mills IS a skank, but she will pay for her greed, infact she has already paid really: The world HATES the bitch. Really HATES HER!

M- Filer said...

"Madonn​​​​a and​​​​ hus​​​​ban​​​​d Guy​​​​ Rit​​​​chi​​​​e arr​​​​ive​​​​ arm​​​​-in​​​​-ar​​​​m at ups​​​​cal​​​​e Ita​​​​lia​​​​n res​​​​tau​​​​ran​​​​t Har​​​​ry’​​​​s in May​​​​fai​​​​r, Lon​​​​don​​​​ on Tue​​​​sda​​​​y nig​​​​ht.​​​​"

They are fine.

WAT said...

Yeah, God forbid Madonna gets a divorce.

Heather Mills might try and get HER money too.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

bless you for keeping this girl who seems to live out on the margins in the loop as to what's happening.... geez, poor sir paul.... speaking of beatles you might like the vid on the mouse today!

to answer howard stern's query - I'd expect many, many millions!!!!

hey, I'm still waiting for mamma's stew recipe? no seriously if you have it and have time to make it digital, you can email it to me if you don't want to post it.... my email address is: kyanoshik at g mail dot com - don't know if you have it....
xxx eek

Todd said...

I'm really not sure about renting Ritchie's latest effort. I suppose it doesn't matter if the movie is a hit or a bomb; Madonna makes enough to support him and his films. That's a bad thing for a filmmaker, I think.

Sorry about your hard earned cash going to that Mills woman. It does make you wanna scream.

Paul said...

I just cant get into Madonna's new works. They are so different from all her great hits from the 80's. She was so much more fun back in the day...wish she'd go back to that style of music. Oh and I hate Gold diggers. I hope that gold digger Heather Mills realizes what a bitch karma can be!

LBIC said...

Thanks for the shoutout!

Yeah, Heather Mills is a trashy whore. I'm still kind of glad in a way she got the money, not because of her but because everyone told him he was an idiot to get married without the prenup. It's like, hello! Of course she's going to take your money.

P.S. I looooove Howard Stern. Thank god for Sirius!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I'm trying to remember if I can name one Mariah Carey song. She's so bland, I can't conjure up any of them. Was it her or Whitney Houston that covered Dolly Parton? Good for her for getting richer for moving product. Just so long as I don't have to listen to any of it.