Friday, March 14, 2008


This time, my left eye looks like it will pull through and heal much easier and faster than my horrid experience with my right one.

Why does the hooker in that Spitzer sex scandal story look like a dude in drag?! LOLOLOL! I honestly think I can see a moustache:It can no longer be denied that our economy is in terrible shape and very weak to say the least. Gasoline for the car and food at the market is getting terribly expensive, and the housing market is quite a disaster. The stock market is very shaky and the U.S. dollar is almost as worthless as a roll of toilet paper; but even then you can still wipe yer ass with toilet paper! And it just irks tha hell out of me that we are spending 12 billion dollars a month to fund that war in Iraq! OH MY GOD! HOW COULD THAT BE?! ALL THAT PRECIOUS MONEY BEING WASTED OVER THERE AND WHAT ABOUT US? ARGH! Ya know, there were thousands of layoffs in February, and last I heard, the city of L.A. was going to layoff tons of people too, including many many teachers! Oh, it makes ya shake yer head and get a bit depressed really at the mess our politicians have gotten us in. Mortgage lenders irresponsibly approving people for home loans, and dumbasses like Bush, Cheney, Schwarzenegger, and others directly responsible for screwing up our federal and state budgets! Why do the idiots in Congress get pay raises and all of them seem to be filthy rich in some way? We are becoming a country of the few rich and many poor. Shit, if lower middle class me is struggling, I can't imagine the ones that are poorer.

But on a much lighter note! Y'all know what Queen's English sounds like by now of course. You hear it all the time on the BBC, on PBS, or in period piece films. Seems like everyone back in ancient times spoke perfect British English right? HAHA! Well, there's also that high and haughty Spanish which they officially call Castilian from Spain (the raping pillaging whore herself), which I've been heavily dealing with the past three months or so trying to read Don Quijote, a novel published in the early 1600s. It's like reading Shakespeare in English, and I found a webpage that has the entire book on audio! AHAHAHAHAH! It's read in such precise and clear Spanish by this Spaniard of course, and it most certainly is not the basic Spanish you might have learned in high school. Even for a native speaker like myself, it can be quite the daunting task to try and understand this dude or read the novel itself, but this is the way Spaniards really do speak, even today, albeit less poetically of course!

An audio sample if you care to listen to this "gibberish" from Don Quijote (Chapter 1), of 17th century King's Spanish. Definitely not the Spanish you hear on Telemundo these days:


Lewis said...

What's wrong with a prostitute? It's not like Spitzer was doing something that the rest of us haven't thought about.

WAT said...

I don't care what Spitzer was doing really, but since he was attorney general once and was very strict pursuing others, many are glad he got caught being a hypocrite I guess?

M- Filer said...

Spitzer was a little like Rudy Guilliani, only worse because at least Rudy wasn't preachy.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer hypocrite.

Todd said...

Glad about the eye thing and that it probably isn't alien parasites working their way towards your brain to take control. That would have sucked.
It seems that everyone is thinking the economy is going to collapse or something. People I talk to have decided that the US is pretty much over. Seems really kind of strange.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Ah, Castilian. I doubt I'll ever master it, and I admire you for wading through DQ.