Friday, March 21, 2008


So back in December one of our co-workers passed away in her early sixties from cancer. And about a month ago, one of our other co-workers lost her son to a sudden random heart attack. The guy was only 33! Just yesterday, our latest co-worker passed away in her early sixties from diabetes. Yeah, so we've had some rough losses here at the job in a short while. It's sad, but this is life man, often followed by death. LOLOL! Yes, I'm so profound today. There is a supervisor lady here who has to be at least 3,000 years old; I'm almost sure she saw the pyramids of Egypt being built and that her high school yearbook is on stone tablets. Anyway, this old antique relic (God bless her) is still going strong after all this time, and she was tearing up/crying yesterday when she heard of the latest sad news. I spoke to her and she says, "God, this only reminds me and all of us of our own eventual mortality. This is one of the main reasons I come to work, to keep my mind busy and off such a depressing reality." I found her comment to be most true and honest; almost as good as Obama's race speech. AHAHAHAHAHAH!

I tell ya what. This controversy about Obamerz dealing with that racist black pastor is nothing compared to this other pastor who says some pretty controversial and funny ass things. You have to watch these clips! I MEAN IT! THEY ARE RIP ROARINGLY HILARIOUS AND DOWNRIGHT PUZZLING!? I guess I kinda see/understand what Pastor Manning is trying to say in scolding the black community with certain issues, but then he veers into these odd tangents and starts shouting and screaming for no apparent reason! He doesn't seem to really like Barack Obama or young black men in general. I PROVIDE YOU WITH JUST SOME OF PASTOR MANNING'S GREAT AND SHOCKING DIATRIBES:

It's Good Friday and Easter weekend is here. Remember Jesus' message/teachings and good will and love towards all humankind. And make no mistake, the man did exist and he was excruciatingly crucified.


Paul said...

You know the funniest thing I have seen all day is when you go to the youtube links for Pastor Manning that are posted, one of the related videos is titled "The farting black preacher" which leads to all sorts of entertainment!
I'll be in LBC this weekend, hope your weekend is fantabulous!

Christopher said...

Soooo...we're NOT supposed to trust anyone who HASN'T been to jail?


mouse (aka kimy) said...

hey bud check out this article on obama's speech. I thought it was fantastic

man, given the death rate at your workplace I say get yourself another job!

you have a very hoppy and happy easter. xxxmouse

Palm Springs Savant said...

well that makes three deaths connected to your work..bad luck comes in 3's they say, so hopefully that's all for awhile. At 40 years old I must say I am more and more aware of my own sense of mortality. Just another 46 years to go...or so my psychic told me once.

Palm Springs Savant said...

ps- Happy Easter WAT. Surprised you're not at White Party here in Palm Springs this weekend!

Todd said...

I just couldn't watch those clips. I'm so anti-Christian right now I just really don't care what any preacher has to say.
And why are preachers talking politics at the pulpit? Are they lobbyist groups now or something?

Gary said...

Happy Easter! Christ has risen (He has risen indeed). So whatever your belief I offer you peace and understanding.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Amen, baby, amen!