Monday, November 03, 2008


Here we are folks. The moment of truth has arrived. By the way, on a very ridiculous useless fact note, did you know the expression, "moment of truth" comes from the Spanish el momento de la verdad? YEAH! Way ta go! Awesome thing to say ain't it? Such is the greatness and peculiarity of language.

Anyway, going back to what I was going to write about before WAT stu
pidly interrupted me, the MOTHER of all elections is tomorrow my fellow Americans! The world is watching with bated breath as to who will take office as the head CEO of the White House! I will be going to my local polling place, and will justifiably be allowed to leave work early to go and vote! YEEHA! I wonder how long the line will be? Should be a record turnout; we got an old white dude vs. a mixed race hipster and a big proposition here in California as to whether gay rights will stand or crash and burn. A YES vote on Proposition 8 will eliminate gay marriage in our state, and the religious nuts are all over this in true form/fashion. If I even see one more of those horrible intolerant YES on 8 signs I'm going to scream man! My neighbor has a new one up after the righteous desecration of the last one, but cowards they are as they are rarely seen and quickly go in and out of their condo. I will be praying for a miracle that PROP 8 goes down in flames. The victory dance I would perform will be astonishing! LOL!

This movie Blow, is not particularly amazing in any way, but it is the acting I believe which elevates it beyond its simple story of a man who became a drug smuggler. Johnny Depp is terrific as always, and Paul Reubens turns in a fascinating performance as a rich gay pot dealer. What surprised me the most were the two Spaniards in the film, Penélope Cruz and Jordi Mollà. Cruz does a good job in her role as a coke-snorting bitch wife, but it is Jordi as Depp's cellmate/business partner that really left me impressed. He has some of the most beautiful eyes I think I have ever seen, and I had no idea his English was so damn good! Mollà is also great in Segunda Piel with Javier Bardem, which has some raunchy racy scenes that make Brokeback Mountain look like a joke, and he played King Philip II in the last Elizabeth film with Cate Blanchett. Anyway, kudos to Jordi! Blow left me in tears, and I don't know why, but it was ultimately a very moving film based on the true-life story of George Jung. So there.

I leave you with this fairly new Oasis song which is most catchy and very Beatlesque of course:


A Lewis said...

I like that "mother of all elections" line. More like a Mother F*&^** of all elections. (Can I say that here??)

Todd said...

Yes, yes, it's finally going to be over!!!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Though I love Penélope Cruz, I don't consider "Blow" as her finest hour. Though I sort of love the way she chews up the scenery with her "I moost have soome cocaine!" screams. And, oh Jordi Mollà! Gorgeous, gorgeous eyes. "Segunda Piel" is really cheesy, but I've seen it about 1,000 just for Jordi. Though I see the appeal of Javier Bardem, Jordi in that film sends me over the top. He's wonderfully vulnerable and nutty and snuggly all at once. Just about perfection in my book.

dit said...

I voted early this morning. Lines were not too bad. I hope 8 does not pass either. I am told that more money has been spent on that Proposition than any other election short of a Presidential election. Such a waste. think of the good that money could have done. . .anyway.

I think old grumpy people and bigots should vote for each other. lol

Keeping my fingers and a few other things crossed about 8.

Todd said...

You are a gay man and you are of a political mind. The "christians" voted FOR prop 8 and yet you have the f'en bible as one of your favorite books! Why? That book is filled with interpretations, period. A work of f'en fiction!