Saturday, November 22, 2008


You're all so lovely to come by, read, and comment as u have been doing. It makes mee heart smile. I however, am behind on everyone's blogs! FOR SHAME! I promise to catch up this weekend on all yer little posts and stuff, in between looking through my piles of junk mail, bills, and other atrocities delivered by the post office.

Ya know, I should be asleep at this ungodly hour, but alas I felt the need to blog about something. BLOG ABOUT WHAT WAT?! Oh, I dunno. I should keep it short since it is a Saturday, and it is rare for me to even blog on the Sabbath! There's several big news stories right now but I can't get into it all: the sewer economy, modern-day pirates taking over ships, and some kid shooting his da
d, etc. Most of it is sickeningly depressing, and like the hot-as-hell young Armenian stud at work told me yesterday, "Gotta enjoy life no matter what, and just be aware that it's going to be bad." Enjoy the puppies, the kitties, the sunny days, the flowers, the birds, the bees, yer friends, your loved ones, good food, good music, hot orgasmic sex, and any other little things that make life tolerable and wonderful, because the future is sadly tainted by forces that none of us can really control. We pray for you Obamee, to do a good job after the retard finally leaves, and although I wasn't goo goo ga ga over you or voted for your lanky ass, I still find u adorable somehow, like in this pic of you visiting a deli sometime yesterday I believe:

Yeah. He is a cutie, even though his long boring ass speeches put me to sleep. LOL! Will BILLARY take up the office of Secretary of State? It's all too interesting and happening so fast...

Sir Paul McCartney says he wants to release a long lost epic Beatles track for the world to listen to and enjoy. Okay, so bring it! He's also due to release a new album, which is said to have some of his finest songwriting yet. McCartney may be old and not as relevant as he once was, but I tells ya something, the man can still write some damn fine songs. No kidding. I BLOODY mean it!

To be a genius, to be so wealthy; listen if ya like:


Todd said...

I wish I had something to enjoy right now instead of all the tests and projects and papers and asshole professors. I suppose I have my sister's pumpkin pie to look forward to next week.

edge said...

Hey Wat, You started your post with a pic of Harvey Milk. I am looking forward to that movie... academy awards for everyone, and I haven't even seen it yet. Years ago I did see the documentary "The Life and times of Harvey Milk", very moving.

Squirrel said...

Barack is thinking, "I ran on the treadmill this morning so I'll eat THAT now." He needs nourishment. And sleep and fresh air.