Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Friends, this nightmarish election is finally over. Thank God that crazy horror show Sarah Palin is going back to her ice sheet. Good riddance!

First of all, I wanna congratulate Barack Obama on his awesome victory. It is indeed a historic moment that a man of color (or half in this case) has ascended to the highest throne. I like you sir. Don't care much for your
wifey, but I like YOU. I will pray that you do your best for our deeply troubled country. How ironic too that Obama's white grandma died like a day before the election right? That is almost too cinematic to even believe.

HOWEVER. Yes. HOWEVER. This is where my cynicism creeps in. I had to vote third party this time around (Ron Paul), because of the insane cult of worship revolving around Obama. He's only a man people! I've said it before, this is not JESUS! I know that eight years of Bush has left us scarred and crap, but this carrying on over
Obamee and footage of people crying and jumping for joy is kind of bizarre! Calm down y'all! Our economic/social troubles are not gone just yet! Lots of work is to be done, and Barack has a lot to prove! I watched his victory speech last night and was just about to lose it when I saw Oprah and Jesse Jackson in the audience. GIMME A FACKIN' BREAK! UGH! YUCK! Jesse Jackson can finally stop his bullshit racism against whitey; you're out of a job you dumbass! LOLOL! Jackson doesn't even like Obama, what a phony! And that beluga whale OPRAH! She irritates me as well! She's as fake as they get/come!

And Proposition 8 has passed! JOY OF JOYS! Heterosexual marriage has been protected! Wow, what a downer man. In essence, all ye
carpetmunchers and fudgepackers are going to hell okay? My holy heterosexual union produces children, unlike yours you filthy fags and dykes, so PEE U to your agenda! Florida and Arizona also passed gay marriage bans. I feel so unwanted right now. My own mother said she supported PROP 8. Their warped belief in Christ blinds them so. That blacks overwhelmingly supported this makes me even angrier! I guess discrimination is okay then?! I chose to suffer a life of rejection and ridicule right? And to top it off, I get to go to a burning purgatory for it!

I'm attending my first-ever Madonna concert live tomorrow night.
YAY! Some real joy at least, in my otherwise pitiful bitter life.


sttropezbutler said...

I get it.


Poz Mikey said...

I just wrote a posting on the same thing. Plus Arkansas banned gays from adopting children!!

M- Filer said...

Your funny.

alice said...

I'm so sorry about Prop 8, Will. I voted no, and so did my kids, but it wasn't enough to help. Please don't give up. This isn't over, and there is a lot of damage to undo about the public's perception of gays and marriage. They hate what they fear - and they are afraid of what they don't understand.

I am not an authority on anything, but I will bet a year's salary that there is no living person that can accurately predict who gets a ticket to heaven and who is sent away. It's not in their narrow minds to know those things, nor are they privy to that information. The criteria may ultimately surprise them.

Just don't lose hope, my friend.

Pod said...

i can't blame folk for getting over excited about getting rid of bush. you should have seen the hysteria in the UK when diana died. a phenomenon. interested to see what you think of the madonna concert

molly said...

whats your problem with michelle? just curious!

its such a shame about prop 8 too...maybes this election bittersweet

Anonymous said...

I'm also curious, why don't you like Michelle Obama? Enjoy the old grandma Madonna, saw her one time, (right after 9/11), no big deal was still glad I saw her before she got any older...

Anonymous said...

WAT, Can't wait to read your posting regarding the concert. I am very disappointed by all this anti-gay stuff. I like Michelle Obama, she's classy. -Edgie

dit said...

Hey! I'm going to see Madge too. How cool, maybe will see you there.