Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ya see Brandon up there in the upper left hand corner of this blog? Ain't my boy handsome? WHAT?! You don't know who Brandon is? Come here. I SAID COME HERE! WHY YOU LITTLE @(#&!($&!($! Thanks to la luna negra for sending me some of his latest pics. He's such a hottie.

I had a very nice long weekend, ending with Veteran's Day yesterday. Didn't really go anywhere. Didn't do anything that special. I got stoned a couple of times. All in moderation of course, but still. Yeah, I should go get a license so I can do the stuff legally, but I gotta shell out about $125! Aren't there bigger problems in th
is world than arresting people for minor possession of marijuana?! I sang this amazingly long song/medley for karaoke last night! It was hilarious to see the impatience on certain people's faces! LOL! My bar friend Paul went to see Madonna in Vegas on Saturday night, and he HATED the show, HATED Madonna! "I hate that c**t so much right now! The Confessions Tour was so much better and fun, this was a disaster, and her singing and new arrangements were dreadful, she started so late, and even insulted us as an audience! I'm so disappointed", he said. Well thank you Paul! HA! I told him the vibe was much more positive at MY show; the divorce must be getting to Maddie or something and she gave the Vegas crowd a shit show I suppose.

I'm back at work today, and I'm blah! There's this one co-worker in particular whom I've shared quite a few laughs with in years past and been pretty nice to time and time again, but she made it clear to me the other day what a hateful horrible phony Christian bitch she is by having voted for PROP 8. So now my demeanor with her has changed, even though I remain strictly diplomatic with her of course. I wanna sock her in the jaw now when I see her. I know that's a horrible thing to say, but it's how I feel. I've lost a lot of respect for anyone who voted for that damn thing; I see it as a personal assault on gays and lesbians to support such a mean hateful measure, and I don't give a f**k if its due to ignorance/lack of knowledge/religious upbringing, but you still SUCK as a human being if you believe in YES on PROP 8. You suck! Period. And I do wanna know if you voted YES for it. So I can immediately cease relations with you. Yes, I am bitter/resentful at my own mother right now. You better believe it. It's not like I want to get married anytime soon myself, but the whole thing is so anti-gay and hurtful, that YES I DO TAKE IT PERSONALLY.

I'll keep repeating, "I'm grateful to have a job", and try to believe it, as the economy keeps sinking further into the colonoscopic depths of hell.

Thanks for stopping by, for reading, and most of all for commenting! You've all been so awesomely responsive lately!


M- Filer said...

I'm with you Will. How could someone vote yes on that proposition? It's insane, and I have no empathy or tolerance for it. Just say no to the bigots! I learned just yesterday that all but two of the people who work in my office voted for McCain. I am stunned! I would never have guessed it, they seem like perfectly normal people on the outside, but I guess they are fucking morons on the inside. Gross.

You are lucky to have a job that you feel you can count on, because all reports point to a deep recession regardless of Obama's best efforts. I am scared personally.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

God and your coworker may not love you, but we all do. Keep at it, and did I mention that several of us at the New York blogger meet up were talking about how we enjoy reading you regularly? I seriously want to meet you and the other Angeleno bloggers when I get back down your way and have more time.

Conclave27 said...

Point One: I do belive your Ghostphotographer at the LA show said some of the same thing. Odd how she started that show late as well.... she was definately being different, but the show lacked the edginess it usually had... probably becuase she backed the Black Messiah Obama.... her vocals were off and was well retro 80's punk (what madonna would have been.. thank god she went the other way!)

Point Two: In order to legalize cannibus you must support it through the proper channels. That 125 pays for your legal protection. It is better that you do that than to get busted for it. The consequences outway the price... and pot can lead to deeper depression... so umm think twice about what your doing.

Point Three: Diplomacy is War!!! Stop giving the bitch rides... her fat black christian ass can take the back seat of the bus if she don't like riding in the front seat of a gay mans care who doesn't charge her. Prop Hate is a Civil Rights issue.. point blank.
As I stated before it violate both Religious and Personal Freedoms. It sets a bad presidant in which legally we can restart segregation and re-enact the racial purity requirement and send her black fat ass to Pre- 1960's! (Usage of black or even nigger is okay, since they use gay and faggot offensively... you throw a rock at me.. I through a fucking boulder back biatch!). As Johnny McGovern: The Gay Pimp's song goes "You Picked the Wrong Fag to Fuck With!!"

Todd said...

Diplomacy is all well and good, but in this case it would seem to be confirming your coworker's decision. I'd say ignore the bitch to let her know that her views means that civility is out the fucking window. She's a bigot.

And I so, so, so agree with you on Brandon. He's incredible!

Pod said...

(i would have held your hand during wolf creek)