Monday, November 10, 2008


I am most proud/pleased that gays have risen up to peacefully (for the most part), protest the sorry ass passage of Prop 8 here in California last week! I think it's awesome to see this kind of political/social activism against tyranny and oppression! These horrible anti-gay assholes say they are protecting "marriage", but it's all thinly-disguised as nothing but a YOU GAYS ARE A MISTAKE/GOING TO HELL message. So forward march with the protests my brethren!!!

Motivating me even more now to fight for what's right and hopefully protest soon myself, is my own mother's little diatribe on gay marriage last week. God, could she have bee
n any nastier?! She said something to the effect of:

"Y allí están protestando/queriendo estos el matrimonio gay, y yo no estoy de acuerdo con eso. ¡Como friegan/odiosos! ¿Y para qué quieren casarse? ¿No están contentos con lo que tienen? Dios no va a permitir esto. ¡Le voy a orar a Dios para que esto no pase! No les da vergüenza depravados. ¡Si pasa el matrimonio gay, eso sería apocalíptico!

"And they're out there protesting/wanting gay marriage, and I don't agree with that. You guys are so irritating/hateful! And why do you guys need marriage? Aren'
t you happy with what you have? God will not allow this. I will pray to God that TH
AT never happens. Aren't you ashamed perverts? If gay marriage passes, that would be apocalyptic!"

I tried to put her heaven-awaits-thee hetero world into some real perspective as to how full of crap so many of them are, and it was met with silence. You ever seen this movie? Have ya? THIS IS MY MOTHER; played so brilliantly by the late great Anne Bancroft. MY GOD THIS IS MY MOTHER:

I guess that makes me Harvey Fierstein? LOLOLOLOLOL! I'm not exactly that hoarse or feminine, but I know how he feels and what he is saying.

OH! And I knew that voting for Ron Paul was the right thing to do. YOU MUST listen to Ron answer these horrible anti-gay questions (by the asshole host) so neatly, so cleanly, so righteously, so fairly. I love you Ron, and am so proud to have voted for you:


A Lewis said...

Momma called her handsome son a pervert? Oh, that is so not good. I'm afraid there would have been serious trouble.

Amadeus said...

I AM curious how you refrain from snapping and killing her "psycho" style..ahem..yes. Such inflammatory words.. and to see that in such a snarl as well. Odious indeed.

But I had to laugh out loud.. not just in recognition, but that anyone thinks this way. Its really just ignorance.. and the religious brainwashing of course, helped it so far along. I think deep down they feel guilty for feeling this way, you see the layers peel away like an onion when you begin to speak to them directly, and make them understand its a human rights issue. Really, religion churns out semi retarded people who seem to be suffering from blows to the head. So any more blows, are redundant.

How they think and behave is so counter to the lessons of love that they are supposed to follow. Its laughable in its own way. Not funny though when its actually happening to you.

One thing you can know for certain, she got that way because noone ever gave her another point of view. So she needs to start getting big, constant, ever ejaculating counterpoints to her supposed point. No pun intended, of course. Its a very arrogant way to think. Maybe you should film her interview style and then show her what she looks like. I would do the same but dammit, I don't own a webcam at the moment!

Amadeus said...

BTW I never thoroughly investigated Ron Paul. Are you sure you don't mean Ru Paul? Anyway the guy looks like he frequents glory holes.


Palm Springs Savant said...

you fascinate me. goo dpost. btw- I like the pic of you at Madge's concert

alice said...

Wow, Will - is your mom really like that all the time?? My heart breaks for you. How a mother could make her son feel so unloved and unsupported is really shamefull. I'm so sorry that she isolates you in such a cruel way.

My daughter was walking with the protesters the night after the election. She said it was all good energy, and she plans to do it again. Maybe she will see you at the next one. I'm kind-of old to protest - and I've already been there and done that in the sixties....

Conclave27 said...

Well I am sorry to hear that she holds those beliefs. Especially since she is so pure.... what did Jesus says.. "he who hath not sin cast the first stone".
Either way she shoudl no better, especially as a former catholic gone protestant... she should know that Prop Hate not only infringes on the rights of the Homosexual community, but on the religious rights of the Gay Faith based groups.

Really sad as well since I know the history there. Funny ... Prop 187 is all I can say and La Migra.

Darci said...

Wow. You live with that every day? Jeez Louise.

dit said...

Wow! your Mom goes on like that? Wow!

The rallies/marches are fun. They feel as if we matter. We were part of the original one, Wednesday night after the election. It was amazing. There is another one on Saturday at 10:30 am in front of Los Angeles City Hall. Come on down. It feels good.

Bill German said...

fuck marriage anyways, just give me a beer and a bong and a dick

Todd said...

It's great to see the protests. I hope people wake up and see that we are real people too.

Sorry I haven't commented for awhile. Always so busy anymore....