Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm frustrated at myself because I have not been to the gym this week so far. Very behind on that. And I am frustrated I gotta be at work all those damn hours, when I could be using that energy at the gym! Pay me to go to the gym please instead of doing boring office work! Those are called "personal trainers" dude, that's their job! Okay, okay I get it! ARGH! I could use a million lame excuses but I won't...

Hey, I saw Coraline in 3D on Wednesday! WOW! This movie is beautiful to look at. Very meticulously animated. I was lost in a very neat little world I tells ya. I don't even know how these people are able to work on such a project and bring these puppets and stuff to life like this! That looks like toilsome backbreaking slow work man! It is truly astonishing and breathtaking really; I hope the animators and stuff get paid lots and lots for such incredible magnificent handmade/crafted labor. I was surprised at the story and how dark and creepy it was; some kids might be really scared by this! Well, I don't ever like spoiling movies for ye my fans, so I best leave it up to you to go see it while it is still barely in theaters, or on DVD I suppose, but it's well worth seeing it in the third dimension to give it that extra kick ya know? It was well worth the SUPERBLY EXORBITANT TICKET PRICE. I don't know how much a movie admission is costing nowadays in your 'hood, but ova here I almost fainted at having to pay $13.50 for a regular adult admission! I rarely go to the movies, so going back after a three-month hiatus, I discovered the new shocking inflated fee. I'm anything but a cheap Jew (it's a joke okay, I love that hawk-nosed bastard Howard Stern and Mel Brooks is God, LOLOLOL), but DAMN! THAT IS REALLY REALLY EXPENSIVE! I'll have to start buying tickets at a discount through our union or wherever else I can, 'cause that is ridiculous! And don't even get me started on the concessions stand! WHAT THA EF?! SIX DOLLAR NACHOS?!! ¡Tu madre cabrón! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!

Greedy scuzballs these AIG execs and crew. The common man/folk are pi
ssed, and rightfully so. This current economic depression is hitting so many people really hard, and I don't know one person it has not affected in some way. And to see these guys taking in all these bonuses, rewarding themselves for such a mismanaged company is downright unfair and openly criminal. They're even receiving death threats for crying out loud! A few examples I found in this article:

--"Get the
bonus, we will get your children," someone identified only as "Jacob the Killer" hauntingly writes in an e-mail.

-- "All you motherf***ers should be shot. Thanks for f***ing up our economy then taking our money.

--" We will hunt you down. Every last penny. We will hunt your children and we will hunt your conscience. We will do whatever we can to get those people getting the bonuses. Give back the money or kill yourselves."

YIKES! HOOHOOHAHA! We the taxpayer, we the ones with the boring banal routine low-paying job
s are just sick of this crap! I think death threatening these fools is going too far, but I can't say I blame them either for their anger.

Well, another weekend is upon us, so enjoy it all you can fellow citizens. Do you all remember Menudo? That was the Puerto Rican boy band that hit it big in the early 80s; Ricky Martin got his young gay childhood start here. Well, in the late 70s/early 80s I was into Parchís! They were a kid's band made up of three boys and two girls from Spain! Cheesy as hell, but they were pretty popular. I used to look at the older boy in the middle a lot. Tino was his name, and...



RG said...

$13.50 for a movie? Christ almighty! I thought $10.50 here in Boston was bad. It's even worse if the movie sucks you know. But at least you enjoyed it!

I don't think threatening people's lives or their children's lives over a bonus is productive. Understandable - yes: born out of frustration of watching people fucking up and getting rewarded for it is maddening.

Karma is a powerful thing - these black-souled folks will find the universe has it's own justice system. You wait and see - it's going to be highly entertaining.

But then Karma will probably come and bite me it the ass for enjoying a little schadenfreude.

Todd said...

I saw Coraline and loved it! It's the best Neil Gaiman on screen adaptation yet. I paid $8.75, which was a matinee price, regular $6.75 but $2 upcharge for the 3D.
I was so impressed with the 3D, I think I might check out Monsters vs Aliens today, just for the 3D.

Conclave27 said...

Bloodshed is where we need to go. Some people really do need to be sacrificed, and sadly the AIG people are just some of the main targets. Niadia Sulamong... whatever that fiend's name is is another one. In order for these mistakes not to be repeated a price in blood needs to be paid. Have we wussed out as a society? Come on Sheople wake up, stop being so lackadaisical and do something. What is going on is awful.

Sad to say we used to be a people of action, now we just comment and walk on by.

As to Caroline.... what Children's tale isn't dark and demented? That what made it great. Not some feel good and gay stuff that the 80's brought us. Those tales taught classical lessons to children that our sorely missing in today. Sigh... lol... life just plain sucks everywhere you look.

WAT said...

Todd: I think you are right, in re-checking ticket prices, I think we are still down to about $11.50 a film here in L.A., but it is due to the 3D presentation that Coraline was a bit more with the surcharge and crap.

Palm Springs Savant said...

It's insane what it costs these days. I remember going to the movies on a date and paying $1.50. YIKES I AM OLD

Eddie said...

Haven't seen Coraline yet. It looks amazingly detailed. I just cannot picture putting on the 3D glasses unless I'm alone watching in my apartment... LOL.

Those execs will get what is coming to them. I don't necessarily agree with random people threatening their children, but I do agree that they deserve some major punishment for the turmoil they've gotten us in. I also agree that people should truly educate themselves with the financial institutions they choose to entrust their money with. We have to account for some personal responsibility.

I guess that extra charge for the 3D is somewhat worth it if the movie is spectacular. It's the concession stands that have me seeing RED. Outrageous.

You're from L.A. and I'm from NY, shouldn't we be used to that by now?


Besitos WAT baby.

PS. You told me to remind you when you haven't visited in a while. WELL NOW IM REMINDING YOU... LOL.

Anonymous said...

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M- Filer said...

Wow, what a bunch of retards. Those pastel jump suits alone scream freak show. And the Choreography!!!


molly said...

wat! i'm so excited that you're going to give funkadelic a go! let me know your thoughts :)

alice said...

I truly get the public's frustration with the greed of CEO's and the executives at AIG. I think right now is a turning point of sorts where this excess is going to be scrutinized on a much higher level. It's been a long time coming. I don't wish them any violence or tragedy - but as in all things, whatever you put out in life comes back to you times three. If those executives have any kind of intelligence, they should get generous real quick!!

I haven't been in the theaters since the showing of the Blair Witch......