Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I was so tired yesterday. Had ZERO energy. I'm overdue back at the gym again this week. Pray for my glorious return okay? No slacking off now soldier! My job helps pay the bills for sure, but I am so annoyed by it at times. What else is new? Let's talk about interesting productive crap now:

I was born in the United States, but
mi familia is all from this small little Central American country named El Salvador. I have been to this beautiful mountainous volcanic country three times back in the 90s, and got to meet tons and tons of family members. Good times, good memories, but I never want to go back! It's a terribly violent horrible place now, overrun by thugs and gang members who keep the people oppressed and in fear. F*CK THAT! And have any of the past three presidents really done anything to cleap up this embarrassing mess? NOOOOOOOO! Historic elections this week however might offer new hope: a former journalist and nice-looking fellow has been elected to the presidency, and he just happens to be a leftist from the opposing socialist political party! That crazy Chávez in Venezuela is a real happy camper. Kind of cool I suppose, although will Funes really do anything to change the status quo and clean up the horrible crime wave this little place is suffering through?! El Salvador went through a terrible civil war throughout most of the 1980s, and the peace accords allowed the guerrillas their own political party, which the new prez Mauricio Funes belongs to. We shall see how it all goes down, but knowing the vicious oppressive cycle that most Latin American nations live in and are historically used to, I doubt any real changes are coming. I hope the new guy proves me wrong, or will El Salvador continue to kiss the U.S.' behind and bend to its every whim?

The drug cartels in Mexico are savagely offing people on a daily basis! YIKES! Hispanic people are so good in bed, and yet can be so violent too! LOLOL! Not long ago, there was a warning issued to crazy young drunk American college kids not to spend spring break 2009 down in Mexico, due to the current wave of violence. WHAT?! No insane partying, binge drinking, and
hardcore sex in Cancún?! WHAT GIVES MAN?! I want those GIRLS GONE WILD and GUYS GONE WILD videos now okay?! AHAHAHAH! Didn't the fool that marketed those loser videos go to jail by the way? What a douche! My mother used to hate the GIRLS GONE WILD infomercials and said the girls in those clips had no morals and were nothing but tramps/sluts! LOLOLOL! My brother Charles and I used to laugh out loud at mom's reaction. Quite a hoot! Oh well, there's always Ft. Lauderdale or Lake Havasu for a raunchy good spring break time right? Ah youth. Sweet naive crazy sexually-charged youth...

Barrett Long was interviewed by Howard Stern Monday, and he claims he is fully hetero but does gay porn only for money. Well fine! So he's got a big schwanz
, but he's not that hot anyway.

Your thoughts? Pretty please!


Crazy Eddie said...

You're from El Salvador huh? Sexy.

Terrible to hear about the state your country is in. There are many Latin countries who have similar situations erupting. The younger generations are at a clash with old world views (and you know Latinos are all about the old school) and mayhem surely ensues because of it.

Another wonderful post WAT LOVE. I must say that your comments about being aroused actually made me... well, aroused.

Besitos para siempre...

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A Lewis said...

Hey Sexy, I loved reading a bit about your family and El Salvador. I know so little and appreciated the education! Hugs.

molly said...

it was nice learning more about you and your heritage!
and i do think the girls gone wild infomercials are good for a few laughs. i can see how your mother would be offended though!