Monday, March 30, 2009


Okay, so it was only once this past week, but I at least got myself to the gym on Saturday! I'm noticing I have a slight gut/belly though and I don't like it. Where are my abs?! ARGH! It's all diet for the most part, but how can I ever give up french fries? HOW?!

As if cell phone text-messaging, e-mail and instant messenger chatting wasn't bad enough, then came blogging, MySpace, Facebook
, and now there's Twitter, the Blackberry, and the iPhone. Listen, I love all this fabulous technology just as much as the next guy/gal, but some of this is getting ridiculous! I never hesitate to admit that this blog is a bit of me trying to get some attention and notice in my otherwise pitiful boring banal ordinary life, but some of YOU people are taking your narcissism to extreme levels! I see those status updates people leave on MySpace or even worse Facebook, and it just makes me scratch my head at how often people want you to know what's going on in their quite boring lives! Some examples using fictitious names:

-"Clark Kent just had a lovely dinner and is going to watch CSI on TV."

Um, wel
l okay! And I'm supposed to care? Well good for you Clark! Of course, in comes one or two of Clark's close Facebook friends and will leave a comment such as, "Yay! With or without your clothes on Clark?" How witty! NOT! UGH! I MEAN, REALLY! WHO GIVES A F*CK?!

-"Barbie just got off the plane and here I am in lovely Rome."

That's nice dear. Rub it in for us poor people who are not as trendy, VIP, or as special as you to be
in f*cking Italy at this time like your special little self. I hope you get run over by la polizia italiana, or a thousand of those pigeons suddenly attack you for being so haughty and annoying about your worldly travels and adventures.

MySpace was bad enough with this shite, Facebook is much worse, letting you know what everyone connected to your friends is bloody up to when I frankly do not give a rat's ass, and Twitter might just be thee worst yet; probably alerts you to the size of someone's bowel movement at any given time! Listen, I am grateful and most thankful for anyone and all who co
me here to this blog to visit, but at least I (and most bloggers) take some time and thought into what I am going to write in here; there is substantial work undertaken and a real exchange of ideas/info taking place. I guess you could use my arguments against me somehow and call me a narcissist as well, but whatever. WHATEVER! I at least admit to wanting attention, whereas so many out there don't and think that what they are actually doing or status updating us with is actually important! It's just not! I'm just trying to keep it real dawg. LOL!

And while it would be nice to have one of those magical portable Internet access gems such as the Blackberry or iPhone, do I really need one of those things? DO I REALLY NOW? As
if I'm not already suffering from withdrawals when away from my laptop or desktop at home/work, I don't want to burden myself with yet another device that will keep me hooked to the damn Internet more than I already am! And the monthly service for having one of these things is not cheap either, and saving my money as much as I can is another reason not to get one of these portable devices at this or hopefully any time. I already have a cell phone and receive tons of text messages, a laptop, a desktop, and an iPod. I'll be fine with what I have up to this point right?

I just saw The Madness of King George and it was so insightful into royal life in the late 1700s in England! This was George III, who was still very upset at having lost the Thirteen Colonies in America, and he slowly starts losing his mind and behaving like quite a wretched barbarian! The acting is tremendous of course; the cast includes Nigel Hawthorne, Helen Mirren, Ian Holm, and Rupert Everett, all fine English actors naturally!

I love Miguel Bosé, Spain's finest trendiest artist ever; footage from a 1990 mega concert in Barcelona:


RG said...

I hear you on the social networking sites. Who cares? I'll just stick to my blogging.

Todd said...

I've been waiting for someone to explain Facebook to me. I like my peoples but I don't need to know their every move all the time.

Here's a movie recommendation for you: Synecdoche, New York. In a way, it kind of fits in with this discussion. It's also an awesome, awesome movie that left me dumbfounded.

(And, too funny, the little word verification to enter to leave this comment is preab...

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I think it is best to face the 'wall' with a certain amount of humor and irony...who cares? well, maybe pooh bear....

totally do not grok twitter.... shit some npr shows use twitter... king george certainly didn't have the monopoly on madness!

I confess I love fb scrabble....

alice said...

I refuse to twitter. I know several people who are very involved in it, think it's super fun, and yay for them. I'm not going to rain on their trivial parade. I just think there is enough mindless chatter in every day life - and I don't need a constant diet of it.

I may eat my words someday.... or twitter them... but for now, no thanks.

Darci Monet said...

You're just jealous that YOU weren't the woman who smelled like pickles standing behind me in the post office yesterday.

As a musician putting out a new album, I find the status updating a great tool to get the word out to "fans" (LMAO...oh that word kills me every time). And since I hope to start travelling for gigs sooner than later, again it will be a great tool. Statistics show that "fans" (LOL) like to feel like they have the inside track to an artist's world. It's part of our TMZ-driven world now.

That said, I do try my best (especially lately, as someone recently complained that I update too much about my nanny job) to be as interesting or funny as possible. My goal is to be as funny as Tina Fey!

What? It could happen.

Eddie said...

I always said it. Facebook and Twitter is like blogging for people with A.D.D.