Friday, March 13, 2009


Sorry for the cliché, but it truly is an extraordinary time to be alive.

I cannot believe how quickly newspapers are dying in this country! 2009 will go down as the year newspapers got national attention for becoming extinct. Thanks a lot Internet! LOL! I remember subscribing to the L.A.
Times religiously back in the early 90s, and reading it voraciously, especially that thick hefty awesome Sunday edition. Then the Internet came, and like most Americans, I ended up relying on the fast free instant news online; I mean all that paper accumulating in my house and having to store it for recycling just got annoying ya know? Hell, sometimes I have been accused of being an even better news reporter than the professional ones, through this blog! GO FIGURE! I think it's awesome that information is so rapidly disseminated in our times, but it is also kind of sad to see such a fundamental traditional institution like the good ole'-fashioned newspaper come to an end. That classic powerful influential era of the William Randolph Hearsts is pretty much over. What will Peter Parker and Clark Kent do now? They work at newspapers for crying out loud! LOLOLOLOL!!! The Internet revolution of the last decade and change has been nothing short of remarkable. Gone are the old record stores we used to love to browse through. The video/DVD stores are all but toast. Why watch regular TV anymore when you can catch all kinds of programs and movies online? YouTube baby!! The era of brainwashing us is finished! We get to choose now what we wanna view, listen to, read and put into our minds. Amazing stuff really. And all instantly, thanks to the miracle that is this Internet.

That photo shoot Tuesday night, the results of which you can see in the previous post was really cool; many thanks to R for his wonderful photography at his beautiful condo in the heart of Downtown L.A. Best pics I've ever had taken of me right? Wouldn't you agree chicos y chicas? The recent trips to the gym are paying off huh? I think so. Mee legs and arms look meatier, and I look more toned. OH BABY! KISS ME YOU FOOL! I was considering paying a personal trainer for several sessions, but I have rescinded this idea; tall, lean yet built young hottie Adam last night at the gym almost made me pass out from a free 30-minute preview session. Great push-up dumbbell routines sir, but that pace you had me going at made me wanna call the paramedics! YIKES! They say it gets easier, but I am a very patient and slow gym person. This boot camp type mentality of most of these trainers have just gets on my last nerve. I like to take my sweet skinny ass time at the gym. I don't wanna be rushed, and it is when you lift and do things slowly that your body appreciates it more. All that fast-paced push-upping, lifting, and crap just wears me out! I want Adam's body (in more ways than one), but it's exhausting, and the sessions are too expensive anyway.

Joaquin Phoenix' continued insanity is on a roll, and it is hilarious! Whether feigned or not, it's quite the spectacle and I'm finding it most entertaining.

I love comments! Please do say hello or whatever else is on your mind regarding my inane babbling! I got a clip here from Vicky Cristina Barcelona; one of my favorite scenes with Oscar-winning Penélope Cruz acting like a complete and total condescending bitch. I love it:


RG said...

DON'T hire a personal trainer. The last time I did that I ended up having a torrid sexual affair with him in my basement gym. Oh wait - never mind!

Conclave27 said...

If the paper dies the only bad thing that will happen is the homeless people will lose their bedding material. Do you realize how much trees with waste with the newspaper?
Plus anyway the newspaper who not real printed anything newsworthy without an opinion. Since the Women's revolution journalism has taken a turn for the worse. News is filled mostly with opinion and not fact.
As far as records dissapearing.... Vinyl is making a comeback with PC turn turntables. So you might see some old LPs coming back.

Palm Springs Savant said...

RG- that is HILARIOUS.

WAT- so interesting about the newspaper thing. I too, like newspapers but just don't buy them often at all. Except the USA Today when I travel, that plus I like the pretty colors of that paper. I read the Desert Sun here in Palm Springs on weekends, but that's all really. What oh what will become of Peter Parker et al is an EXCELLENT question!

Crazy Eddie said...

So true about the newspapers. I will continue to purchase my local paper, along with the NY Times.

I love the English language and see it as a work of art. Anything that toils with my reading the newspaper has me seeing red. Sure, you can get your read on with the internet, but won't you miss getting a little smudge on the tips of your fingers from reading one of your favorite papers? It's like the scent of books... stimulating.


Crazy Eddie said...

RG doesn't mention that I was his personal trainer.



Crazy Eddie said...

BTW. I think Penelope is exquisite. She personifies talent. And she's Spanish... 'nuff said.

Good clip selection WAT.