Wednesday, March 04, 2009


So while my car was getting fixed for a brutal amount of money this past Saturday, I was at my brother Charles' place watching TV with his friend and roommate. I know the roomie is gay; I just know it! Heck, now I even doubt my own brother Charles for crying out loud! LOL! He just turned 40 yesterday by the way! WOW! Congrats on that milestone! Anyway, the gay roomie popped Vicky Cristina Barcelona into the DVD player, and we watched it. It was actually not bad at all! Javier Bardem is terrific and this is the role for which Penélope Cruz just won the Oscar last week and she is quite good in the film playing a really crazy ex-wife. I love the film's setting of course, that magical of all places I always dream of going to, but never have: España! Ah yes, glorious Native-American destroying conquistador imperial superpower Spain! Woody Allen is a pretty good writer and director, it's just too bad he is such a creep in his personal life.

Because I spent most of 2008 with low energy levels and hibernating every chance I got, due to depression I suppose, the last two weeks or so have been extraordinary in my life. I have new found energy levels I have not felt in a good while. I mean, I've already hit the gym three times since I went back, I wake up feeling refreshed/ready for the day, I'm eating quite heftily, and I just generally feel very good as of late. This is most remarkable and a true blessing for me, because I can't remember the last time I felt this alive! I mean, just read my dreary blog posts for most of last year, or even before for that matter! AHAHAHHHHA! I attribute all this recent vivaciousness to several factors: sleeping so much last year, taking good vitamins lately, and the apple cider vinegar shots for sure! This is my moment I suppose, and the physical shape I am about to get into is going to be so damn provocative and sensual, I just won't be able to keep all dem females and males off me! The shock on people's faces when I tell them my real age vs. what age I appear to be is quite flattering.

This is my new protein powder. I just had my first "shake" of this stuff, and it tastes like rich creamy disgusting eggnog! UGH! I'll have to find a way to mix it with something else other than water, but as long as I get it into my gut somehow, is all that really matters I suppose, especially after working out. Let's see how much I gain folks! I've already put on 7 lbs. alone from eating and the gym in just the last week! For someone eternally skinny like myself, this is tremendous! Here I come Mikey Phelps!

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium is not the greatest movie, but it is cute/sweet in its own special little way and it happens to have a nice musical score. I liked it okay? So there!


Anonymous said...

Peace be with you

RG said...

As someone who is in their late 40's, I can tell your brother he's going to love them.

And good for you for sticking with your routine - it's hard work, but it's worth it isn't now?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

lin brought over vcb last week felt the same way as you.... definitely entertaining.... javier and penelope definitely shined .... loved the virtual holiday the movie provided also!

Gary said...

This post reminds me that I need to add Vicky Christina to my list of movies to watch. From everything I've heard it is worth viewing.

Good luck with the weight gain. I feel your pain because I was in the same situation once upon a time. I drank shakes to gain weight but nothing worked. Eventually though I gained weight and at this point in my life I am looking to lose a few pounds (5 or 6 but still).

I'm thrilled that the energy and mood are working in your favor lately. Keep it up.

alice said...

It's interesting, but there is a direct correlation to your feeling more upbeat and your new exercise regime. Some depression patients can substitute their medication for physical activity. Like my husband, you might not have enough natual seratonin components in your system (which helps you stay more emotionally content)and you need that boost that endorphins provide. I'm glad that it's helping you feel more positive and energetic. It's so much better to experience your day that way, than the alternative. Congrats, sweetie.