Monday, March 23, 2009


I am behind on some of your awesome blogs good people. I'll get to them, or better yet, remind me and make me visit you! Thanks for always stopping by to say hello regardless! I love you all!

I don't know why it is when a bit stoned that I not only get horny, hungry, and relaxed (like now, LOL!), but I also tend to deal with chores and stuff to do in my room or around the house a lot easier. Getting my clothes ready for work, brushing m
y teeth, or other simple little tasks become almost effortless after a hit or two of Mary Jane. Is that weird/odd? When sober, I tend to get much lazier and find everything more monumentally annoying or overwhelming, whereas now that I am a bit high, I kinda feel more in tune and less irked by the stuff I gotta do before going to bed. Interesting. Speaking of pot, I saw that super retarded movie, Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. This film is all over the place, quite ridiculous in some parts, but overall it had its moments I guess. It would've made more giggly/dumbass sense had I been stoned for it I suppose, but it works. Not as good as last week's hilarious Role Models mind you, but it still delivers a few genuine laffs. I dunno, I definitely think marijuana should and probably will be legalized soon, but I don't condone overdoing the herb either. Some people are constantly stoned off their ass and do nothing but smoke it all day, and that can get a little stupid ya know? And minors should definitely not be indulging in it, although they tend to go for cigs and alcohol at a much worse rate I suppose. Who am I to judge? I was 30 when I tried weed for the first time for crying out loud! To this day, I still don't really like or drink that much alcohol. I guess I'm rare in that I don't get addicted to substances that easy. Sex on the other hand has me totally addicted, but I'm not complaining, nor will I be seeking help for this carnal lust problem of mine anytime soon.

Music too for Christ's sake; I'm addicted to music I think as well, but that's a wonderful thing! Listen, even today there is some fine music still being recorded by artists such as The White Stripes, Of Montreal, The Shins, Radiohead, and Britney Spears (<---AHAHAHHAAHAH!), but there's something truly nostalgic missing nowadays. There are no more real albums anymore to speak of. Back in tha day, ya had th
e giant vinyl album to adore/admire/collect! Yeah, like that awesome scene in the incredible Almost Famous, where the young kid discovers his sister's album collection in a box she leaves for him when she moves out of home, and he sees all these great artists/records in there like The Who, Led Zeppelin, Simon & Garfunkel, etc. What a terrific time this used to be! Albums really meant something; effort was put into the whole entire thing, which is something kind of lacking in today's digital download music world. The front and back covers used to be works of art! What do we really get/have now? All I see is small little wee bit thumbnail pic on my iPod here and there, but it's not the same. I guess CDs were kind of okay about maintaining that old vinyl tradition, and they were much more portable, but those days are pretty long gone; I hardly buy CDs anymore really. No more booklet to really browse through. Oh well. Times do change, and this is a great thing, but it certainly makes one think about how music used to be, how it used to be marketed in the past vs. today. Bring back the old medleys and rock opera style albums where songs went on for like 9 minutes or something. :)

And lemme tells ya, when under the effects of 420, I totally understand Pink Floyd. They make perfect sense. HEEHEE! I'm sure they are much more powerful under the influence of more potent substances, but I'm okay as is:


RG said...

Since I rarely drink, Mary Jane has been a personal friend of mine for over 25 years. LOL

I'm in agreement that it should be legal - legalize it for people over 21, regulate it and tax the shit out of it. Can you imagine going to the Seven/11 and asking for a pack of Maui Wowee or Humboldt Gold?

Like you, I find a little buzz before household duties helps me concentrate on what I'm doing....God I'm was I writing about?

Todd said...

Ah, albums. Yeah, they were so cool, but then they'd scratch and skip and sound like shit after awhile. Or, they'd get broken during a night of drinking and partying. The thing with digital, they don't loose their quality and you can't throw them at people.

molly said...

when i blaze i get really introverted so i almost never smoke pot - nothing against it, just not personally for me!
and it should DEFINITELY be legal

loove that scene in "almost famous"
and im right there with ya on the britney!

A Lewis said...

Oh, believe me, I'll remind you and MAKE you visit me.

Eddie said...

Holy crap!! I take an innocent visit to your blog and what do I find? I find that some of my blogging buddies are blazers!!

I knew you and I blazed, but here I find that RG is a toker and MOLLY has tried it in the past!! OVERLOAD!!


You need to see SMILEY FACE stoned. It's worth it.

I see nothing wrong with the responsible blazer. Those who work all week and decide to pick up a jay instead of that end-of-the-week drink.


Bryce Digdug said...

Love the cooking cookies video - hilarious. Don't miss the Cinabon snap bracelet on my blog.


alice said...

I agree that pot should be legalized. I've not been able to embibe for many years because of my husband's occupation. But he has always been sympathetic towards legalization also. We grew up in the sixties, for heaven's sake!!

I think you can approach anything with a more relaxed attitude if you smoke before. It's a great anxiety reliever.

Ah... music. And listening to music while baked..... those were the good old days. Pass me that doobie.....