Friday, June 19, 2009


Um, could this crap be true?! NORTH KOREA PLANS TO FIRE A MISSILE AT HAWAII?! WHAT?! That would be insanity, SHEER AND UTTER INSANITY! OH NO YOU DIDN'T!! That poor isolated country is brainwashed beyond belief to worship that short loony oogly midget. It sounds like a horrible horrible place to be stuck in! I pray and hope the ominous news/threats are all just talk, and that this doesn't become a big conflict--as in World War III or something like that, although we are overdue for the sequel! LOLOL! Iran sounds like a tense area right now too doesn't it? Oh boy, oh boy...

And speaking of Korea, have you noticed how almost every cell phone and many of our major electronics now are the Samsung brand? My phone is a Samsung! Yeah, they are a big big prosperous empire now, based in South Korea, and are at the forefront it seems, of really cool and neat gadgets. I guess in the not too distant past, Samsung was considered a cheap lowclass brand, but it has re-invented itself to represent quality and is at the vanguard of technology.

If you're a regular listener of that hilarious vulgar pig Howard Stern like I am, you know who Blue Iris was--she was this very nice laidback crude old woman with a porn career and a taste for marijuana! MY GOD MAN! The first time I heard clips of Blue having sex with this young guy, I was perturbed for days and laughing my head off hysterically! Sadly, Blue was having a variety of health problems in the last few years and she died not too long ago. Apparently Blue was married to this really nice man (who is in serious mourning) for years and had a son! A real hoot and behaving much younger than her actual age, Blue will be missed for her great sense of humor and lack of inhibitions. She looked much older than her true age by the way. A great interview with Howard Stern is here.

Thank the mighty heavens above for the weekend. Imma enjoy it and so are you. I've adored these stoned Jewish boys from Brooklyn for years--and they used to be so cute too:


alice said...

I have a Samsung phone too, and I love it. Who knew Korean technology would someday be so superior. As far as the pecking order in the Asian communities, the Koreans used to be thought of as the lower class. (not by me, but by other Asians. I have Korean relatives, whom I adore!!) I don't think that is true anymore. But it's unfortunate the people of North Korea are being led by such a loon.

Have a great week-end, Will.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I loved blue iris! I am such a big howard fan.

RG said...

Every time I read about Kim Jong Il, all I can think about is that stupid puppet movie and his character keeps saying, "Ahrek Baldrin" for Alex Baldwin.

I love my Samsung phone. It's practically indestructable. I've dropped it down stairs, out a moving car window, dropped it in the toilet (don't ask) and it keeps working!

Also, their LCD big screen tv's - AWESOME. My housemates have a 52' LCD HD in their TV room and it's just amazing.

Never did like Howard Stern, a bit too sophomoric for my taste. Although I did enjoy the rant I listened to on the internet where he gave the Reich-wingers total shit over their opposition to Gay marriage and their homophobia.

And what's with the word verificatin: haryck?

RG said...

Sorry, that's ALEC Baldwin. Stoooopid fat typing fingers!

Sebastien said...

"short loony oogly midget"

Laughed my ass off after I read that. I'm going to remember that if I ever need to insult anyone. Also came across the word 'busfucker' somewhere, thought that was hysterical as well.

Haven't heard of Blue Iris, looking that one up.

Gary said...

I hope your weekend was all you were hoping for...cause it was back to work today.