Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Someone at karaoke on Monday night was very kind to say hello, and in his thick Bostonian accent said to me, "Hey WAT, I read your blog posts all the time via Facebook, and I am amazed at how often you are right about so many things, and you're very smart; how do you think of so many topics to talk about?" I was very humbled by his praise, but also well aware that I am an undeniable genius of epic proportions (my genitals), and that he stated what is already obvious to millions upon millions of fans the world over! Yeah, I'm a bit delusional, but you just sit there and agree with me okay? ;)

Speaking of Facebook, it now tops MySpace as the biggest social networking site in the United States. Yeah, I joined MySpace a few years ago, and at the time remember it being very popular and THEE FAD of the moment. What still makes MySpace cool I guess is its neat music pages and stuff, but for the most part it is kind of a dead site to me nowadays; Facebook has definitely become king in the last year or so that I have been a member. I had resisted Facebooking for quite some time and was really annoyed at first by people's retarded status updates and other junk spam, but have gotten more used to it recently and a little more forgiving as to what others are up to. Everyone's life has at least a little value and merit (even Paris Hilton's--LOL), and I guess it's okay that we're all crying out to be noticed and want to be just a little famous. The sole reason for even being a member of these sites is to get this blog noticed and read, plain and simple. I just wanna be the greatest blogger of all time okay? I WANNA BE A LEGEND IN MY OWN TIME DAWG!

Actor David Carradine was practicing auto-erotic asphyxiation in drag? WHAT?! MY GOODNESS SHECKY!!! That is just embarrassing! Now what we all do in the privacy of our own domains to get off is none of my f*cking business, but the problem for poor David is that his erotic moment went a little too far and he ended up killing himself by mistake; the hotel chambermaid got to find his body--that sucks! But then again, when we all die, our bodies are really at the mercy of others to look at and prepare for burial or cremation, so dying is really quite an embarrassing event for all of us. Andy Warhol said a quote about this once. They keep finding these bloated naked bodies in the Atlantic from that Air France plane crash, and I can only imagine that the remains must not look very pretty at all. Well, who cares anyway I guess; once you're dead, you're dead, so live it up everybody--now that we're all conscious and in a semi-intact shell! HAVE FUN! LET YER HAIR DOWN AND SHAKE THAT ASS!

I often listen to and adore this old song. Phil Collins' vocals were among the most unique and beautiful in all of pop/rock music history. Don't you agree? Yes, you do:


RG said...

Another Bostonian heaping praise upon the Great WAT? Go figure....LOL

You know you're right - once you're dead, you're dead so who cares if someone found you in rigor with your hand in a death grip around your pinga and a rope around your neck wearing a dress? Why should the corpse be embarrassed - it's the family the mortified. "Say, aren't you the sister of the guy found dead in the Thai hotel room, wearing a dress with his hand locked on his cock?" bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

Phil Collins - was hot at one time, but now is a puffy-faced bald booze bag. Still has the pipes though.

alice said...

I always liked David Carradine, but heard stories about him years ago when he was married to Barbara Hershey.... it seems even then, he was a twisted sister. Knowing that, it didn't diminish my appreciation for his talent up on the big screen.

Did you say that you are a legend in your own shower???????? ;-)

Anonymous said...

All I ever hear is, "Are you on Facebook?" So I'm on Facebook and I've got all these friends and it's totally meaningless to me.

It's kind of the same with Phil Collins. Totally meaningless....

mkf said...

ya know, wat [which, btw, is the new "you know what?"], even though i'm agnostic as hell, believe in no afterlife and couldn't care less whether i'm buried or cremated--even though all that's true, i can't help but shiver at the thought of all the indifferent professionals who'll ultimately end up bagging, cutting, embalming and laughing at my poor, dead body.

that make any sense?

Gary said...

I never did join the MySpace craze but I have jumped on the FaceBook wagon. It is a wonderful way to connect with friends from the past and I have had wonderful experiences because of it.

I have such an attitude about the state of my body once I leave it. I am into taking great care of it while I am using it but once I am gone I don't really give a shit what happens to it. By that time who knows what I'll be experiencing but I'm pretty sure I won't be hanging around to witness the funeral or thinking about those folks who are crying over me (they better be crying!).

In the meanwhile I plan to shake my ass as you suggest.