Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Can I just start off by saying how much I hate, HATE Joe Jackson, Michael's father?! What an epic horrid pimp-looking douche demon! He doesn't seem at all upset that he's lost his son, and just what was he doing at the BET Awards anyway?! I can understand Janet being there, and she looked noticeably upset and spoke on behalf of the family, but Joe seems to have gone just to get all kinds of condolences he doesn't even deserve and to promote some dumbass record label of his! The creep was a terrible child abuser, probably sexually abused the girls, and is a known homophobe. I can't stand him! And the same goes for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who have nothing else better to do than to get media attention yet again! UGH! Joe never cared for Michael and only saw him as a cash cow, and we all know Michael couldn't stand his father anyway, so whatever! Read this and this and see for yourself.

With that intense time spent in March at the gym and those protein shakes I was drinking back then, I noticed I gained about 8 lbs! That is terrific news, because I look so much better with more meat on my bones for sure! And as of late with my once or so a week pot use, I eat a little more than normal and have put on an extra 7 lbs or so! Oh joy! I better not get too carried away now, but I a
m confident that all this is for the best and the extra pounds are only going to serve me well! YEEHA! As an ectomorph my whole life, I have always hated being too thin, but now I can finally say I like my body more now than ever before. I got cool curves and stuff! My clavicles have finally disappeared! I see pecs! A bit of a gut too, but it's cool, nothing too horrid. LOL! My clothes are much more snug and feel tighter on me.

Something visually appealing for all of us to enjoy? Yes, even you the hetero male can enjoy and admire a perfect male specimen can't you? He's in his forties now, and still looks pretty darn good--Mr. Colton Ford! I'd never really paid attention to him in gay porn before, until I saw clips of him playing on the TV at the karaoke bar recently. Wow, this guy is just hot and I believe he is of Armenian ancestry, like that famous singer named Cher--whoever she is. LOL! Colton no longer does porn and sticks to some modeling and singing I believe. HOT!

We still have a living breathing massive legend alive--Sir Paul McCartney of course! Interestingly enough, MJ did cover this song as heard here--it was given to him by Macca--but here's the original from 1978:


RG said...

Joe Jackson is a fucking freak. Why he isn't in jail is beyond me. LaToya told everybody about him and what he did to the family but nobody would listen because she showed her titties in a magazine. Well I for one believe her!

Good for you and your workouts baby! When are you going to fly to Boston and give a private tour of your improvements?

And where have you been regarding Colton Ford? He put out a music video last year. His voice is okay, which explains why his video looks vaguely like soft-core porn - better to distract us right? LOL And yes baby, men in their 40's are incredibly, incredibly sexy (ahem).

Conclave27 said...

Yeah it is a true shame. Certain families are vultures, and now that the cash cow have died... the losers of the family have come to feast on the flesh of the carcass. It is a common thing that happens in almost every family. It is disgusting and revolting. What is worse is what the hell do the parents and the family have to do with MJ's fortune? The man was 50, he had marriages and children. If the stupid Jackson family are gonna take MJ's assets... then they better damn well be slapped with his debts as well. It will teach these people a lesson as everything Michael every made for them is seized to pay of Michael staggering debt. Kick these people back to the curbs and their roots on the street!

Only reasons why JJ and AS are there is because they wanna further there own cause of "Black America" and cement there names with the Prince of Pop... they are nothing but maggots.

alice said...

I think Joe Jackson is a blood-sucking leech. He is directly responsible for the train-wreck Michael turned out to be. I would sharply question the wisdom to allow Michael's children to be in that home. If Michael's mother didn't prevent her children's abuse, why would she start protecting the grandchildren from the monster she is married to. The whole scenario leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Good on you for the weight gain. It helps your immune system to be a little stronger with the added "ammunition". Hope you feel good, as well as look terrific.

Gary said...

I was watching a Jackson family movie this weekend (and what a cast! - Angela Basset, Vanessa Williams, Terence Howard) and 'ol Joe did not come across well at all. Terrible, terrible.

Since Michael passed I have been finding myself more interested in looking back over his music catalog. Do you know "Will You Be There" from Dangerous. Great song.

Sebastien said...

Don't know much about Michael's pops, but from everything I've heard, he sounds like an absolutely horrible person.

Palm Springs Savant said...

honestly, that whle family is stange. Oh, and now Carl Malden is dead! (sunday was billy mays, so is there a third????)