Monday, June 15, 2009


The Lakers are NBA champions for the 15th time! Something in L.A. to finally be proud of again! LOL! This is kind of a bittersweet moment, in that it is the first major title they have won without the late great voice of their
legendary announcer, Chick Hearn. And yeah, some loons did go off and cause a bit of havoc, but nothing major. They got this handsome Spaniard on the team that my brother and his dumbass friends say I kind of resemble named Pau Gasol. Okay then dudes!

I have this new therapist I am seeing now on Saturdays for about an hour, and he i
s a very nice older man that looks like an oldtime congressman, complete with suspenders. John is very calming and soothing, and gets me to talk about all kinds of issues, revealing stuff about myself that I may have never known/been aware of. He says that I dislike authority and the system so much in my present, because of my once tyrannical father and his domestic violence towards my mother and how I felt powerless and unable to do anything when I was a minor. He has also told me that I am very intelligent, charming, and have good looks, but that I constantly trap myself by feeling like a victim, because that's the role I once actually had when I was a naive and controlled child. It makes some sense frankly; it really does I suppose. T'is why perhaps I look at that big black woman supervisor of mine at work with such disdain, even though the bitch is doing her job and stuff; she irks me so much though and her attempt to control even the slightest, trivial minutia. I love my friendly charming co-workers very much, but it's the boring ass paperwork and data entry that makes me wanna gouge my eyes out and having to answer to some of these dummies in control there is downright appalling!

I've noticed this and said it for some time, straight hardcore porn is ten times more raw and nasty than gay porn. I'm serious! Some of these girls do some really really crude things for the camera and I rarely if ever see condoms used. Now there's some sort of an HIV outbreak in the industry here in Southern California, and I'm not at all surprised. Jesus, to think I live in the actual porn capital of the world, the San Fernando Valley! EEK! Remember that great movie, Boogie Nights?

They finally and officially switched the analog signal to all digital for televisions across the country this past Friday. This short clip of this old woman trying to figure it all out is an ABSOLUTE RIOT:


RG said...

Congrats to the LA Lakers on their NBA Championship - and this is coming from a Celtics fan in Boston!

Therapy-schmerapy - You're just as fucked-up as the rest of us. LOL At LEAST you had the good sense to go get some help. I enjoy talking with my therapist at the VA, a big 'ol sissy-mary-la-la I might add - knows how to ask the right questions.

Now go out and question authority. LOL

sttropezbutler said...


Good always!


A Lewis said...

You dislike authority? Oh boy. We're gonna have some trouble.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I've seen that clip several times before but always laugh. There were about 12 Salvadoran counterparts to that lady at Radio Shack yesterday when I went to buy some blank DVDs. It took forever to be checked out since all of the clerks were showing them how to work their rabbit ears with their new converter boxes.

I agree that you look like the Lakers player, and you're both handsome.

Gary said...

Ido not want to be the only only one commenting on porn so that leaves me with nothing to write.

Bruce said...

I thought that was you when the picture first loaded. I never noticed the resemblence until then.

Sebastien said...

I think Kobe is one of the most awful human beings (even w/o considering Colorado). But he deserved a title, great player, love to watch him, but seems like such an awful person.

Good to hear about this therapist. Sounds like he knows what he's doing.

alice said...

Sometimes it's really difficult to find a therapist that's a good fit. Someone can respond to one counselor, and another person can be totally repelled by the same professional. I'm glad you feel comforted by the elderly man, and can open up to him about your experiences. I hope it brings you clarity and peace.