Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hey--thanks for always stopping by and reading, and most especially for your feedback on my posts. I appreciate y'all very much.

There is nothing wrong with being Muslim! Earlier this decade, that retard president we had and his henchmen (i.e. Prick Cheney) turned the whole entire Middle East against us with their terrible militant right-wing "anti-terrorist" policies. I know there's some really crazy fundamentalist Islamists here and there, but Christianity itself has been no better throughout history! Anyway, the point of all this babble is because I am convinced President Obama is Muslim! I mean, they've tried everything to suppress it during the campaign and stuff, but I am almost sure that fool spreads a rug of some sort, crouches down, and prays towards Mecca at least three times a day! LOL! I pray and hope that his affinity towards this religion keeps the terrorists happier and nicer towards the United States. This is a great advantage to our country folks! And I commend Obamee for at least trying to be diplomatic and talking about problems/issues, instead of being so damn threatening and imposing like our last administration. I have a feeling though that if you piss off Obama enough, he would not hesitate to send a nuke your way, so don't get smart North Korea!

As of late, I am a really big astronomy buff. Space is fascinating man, and there's all kinds of cool documentaries all over YouTube. Do we ever stop to think of just how amazingly big the universe is?! I mean, it is mind-boggling to even consider! There's this terrific/amazing opening scene in that movie Contact with Jodie Foster where the camera starts out showing our planet and all the radio/satellite waves that can be heard and then it pans out away from Earth and just keeps going and going deep into our solar system and beyond... It is truly remarkable how little we are in the bigger picture, and just how miraculous it is that there is so much diverse life on this one planet alone! You've heard it said before, but what a waste of space if Earth is the only place where there is known life! So far, the rest of our solar system is pretty lifeless! And yet, there's all these empty planets and moons out there with all sorts of awesome things going on. Anyway, I'll go back to all this astronomy talk in future posts, because there's so much to discuss here, but I gotta get back to bed!

Another one of my slideshows, composed of my visit to Santa Monica a few weeks ago, and some pics of me just taken this past weekend:


Anonymous said...

Ah, astronomy. I had a class a few semesters ago. It was awesome, but it makes you stop and wonder just how the hell we ended up being alive and all. Our planet was just formed as kind of a fluke.

RG said...

Grasp these numbers: The Earth is 93 million miles from our Sun. It takes 8.2 minutes for light from the Sun to reach the Earth.

Our Milky Way galaxy is approximately 150 thousand light years in diameter, and is comprised of approximately 100 BILLION stars.

There are estimated to be 150 BILLION galaxies in our KNOWN universe, some larger, some smaller than our own Milky Way, which is considered a medium-sized galaxy.

Our closet galactic neighbor is the Andromeda Galaxy which is 2 light years away in distance, and our galaxy and that galaxy are slowly spiraling towards each other and eventually will collide.

Now here's the interesting thing - because of our location in our galaxy, in the 3 billion years, if humans are still around, it takes for the even to happen, the spaces involved are so vast and expansive, we as might not even notice with the exception of a more crowded sky of stars than normally we would see in the night sky.

Gamma Ray bursts, which are one of the powerful events in the universe, by the time we detect them, the event has already happened and the energy is just NOW reaching our planet, from billions of years ago.

When you look out in the night sky, you're actually looking back into time, millions and billions of years in the past.

And finally, you look so EFFING FINE in the latest pics. I'm loving the 5 o'clock shadow look on your handsome face. I bet it would feel good against my...(you pick) LOL

RG said...

And two more things: In short, I am in AWE of the power of the universe and your beautiful face.

A Lewis said...

Umm...nice pics. They have me all worked up.
As for astronomy, I was looking up at Mercury...just this morning at about 4:30am. I've got a very cool app on my iPhone that shows exactly where the plants are at any given time.

Gary said...

Space is daunting. When I was younger I used to read some space mags but now I can check out the latest info online. The pics that are available are stunning, breathtaking and kind of scary. We are just a tiny,tiny part of it all.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I like your threatening pose. It wouldn't intimidate me. Santa Monica is a favorite spot of mine, and always reminds me a bit of northern California with the fog and the lefties.

Palm Springs Savant said...

hey WAT, you look really cute in those pics ;-)

Sebastien said...

Have you seen this virtual moon tour?

Pretty cool...