Thursday, December 24, 2009


My only post this week due to stresses and other issues these past few days.

It was FESTIVUS yesterday! Did you forget?! HOW COULD YOU! You were supposed to put up an aluminum pole and gather around to air grievances! It's the perfect anecdote for the commercial and overdone Xmas holiday! So to all who remembered to celebrate, a Festivus for the rest of us!

She was only 32, and Brittany Murphy just dropped dead! WOW. My guess is homegirl was doing coke, or too many meds, or h
ad a bad eating disorder. To have cardiac arrest like that so very young is practically unheard of. It's too bad. She had quite a nice Hollywood career there going, and was not too shabby an actress. I had no idea that she did the voice of Luanne on King of the Hill. Ain't that something? It just doesn't take much for one's life to end at all. That's how fragile we are folks. Drink and be merry as much as possible, for tomorrow you'll be some lifeless cadaver! LOLOLOL!

I was watching
this show on the Discovery Channel called Man vs. Wild. I know you've seen/heard about it. The guy on the show is some hunky British dude named Bear Grylls who puts himself in some very strange and precarious situations where he has to hunt for his own food and make his own shelter. This guy makes the late Crocodile Hunter seem like a walk in the park! Just yesterday I saw him swimming in ice cold water almost getting frostbitten, eating a dead squirrel carcass, and using a dead camel's body and fur to sleep in! HOW BLOODY RIDICULOUS CAN YOU GET MATE?! Meanwhile I'm wondering, how does the cameraman survive all this mess?! Does he have to do the same things Grylls does, or does he have comfy nearby accommodations and plenty of food and water? I'm confused, and I find all these situations he puts himself in to survive nature utterly insane and unnecessary! We all know most of us (including myself) would just die under such extreme conditions!

SNL had this hilarious Xmas skit this past weekend. James Franco plays James Dean. The cast is brilliant as always:


Gledwood said...



sttropezbutler said...

Here know the rest. Live it to the fullest and I hope dreams (yours and mine) do come true for 2010! Cheers WAT!


RAD said...

Just doing my Christmas rounds to my fave guys and blogs! Merry Christmas Bub! Hope Santa is good to you! Best Wishes to ya!! XX

Palm Springs Savant said...

cute vid, thanks for the chuckle. Hang in there WAT, things are bound to get better.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I'm not sure how I've missed Bear Grylls. I think I'll pass on watching the show, but I enjoyed the various shirtless shots of him in the wild that a quick google search provides. However, I doubt I'd enjoy smelling him after one of those adventures. Belated holiday cheers and all the best for the 2010 and the teen years.

(Verification word: berali. Mr. Grylls drag name?)

alice said...

Hope your Christmas was rewarding and simple. I hate how rushed and crazy the holidays are. I am drawn to the simple pleasure of just having a quiet meal with people you love, and watching some good tv. I know.... boring... but it is what I am thankful for, and crave when the schedule gets so frenetic.

It's so sad about Brittany Murphy. I loved her in Clueless. I have a feeling her obsession to remain so thin might have been a factor. And that's just tragic.