Tuesday, December 29, 2009

THAT IS SO 2009.

The new Almodóvar movie was not my cup of tea. Filmed beautifully and well-acted, but the storyline did not convince me somehow. Maybe a second viewing on DVD will change my mind?

So last night, I had an epic moment. That's right. I have been struggling a lot lately with my emotions, and had not had a toke in a while, so I went for it. Well,
as I lay in my bed trying to get to sleep, I had my iPod on with my headphones nicely placed into each ear canal, and randomly the famous piano opening to John Lennon's Imagine begins. My God, I've heard the overplayed tune countless times as most of us have, but yet for some reason, it really resonated with me this time. And John's haunting but gorgeous voice comes in and his words begin to move me. REALLY MOVE ME. Yes, if only we could all really get along without so much baggage and be as one right? Yes, I began to cry in earnest, touched by the profound message in this classic tune. It's as if John's spirit was in my room at that very moment. I mean, a really great moment I must say. Must be some good herb! LOL! Or just a testament to how amazing this guy really was. Not much later, John's song with The Beatles Nowhere Man popped up, and I finally realized that song describes me! I'm the guy with no direction, with no way out, who doesn't see his own greatness! I MEAN, WOW MAN!

It's kind of strange and immature perhaps how in my mid-thir...TWENTIES here, I've reached a point of wanting to live a hedonistic life, without the responsibilities. I don't mind working,
but it'd be nice if I had a good-paying part-time job or something seasonal. LOL. I mean, this working all day every day sh*t is annoying. IT REALLY IS! Of course, I hear advice from others all the time that you can't party unless you work hard, unless you earn it. Yeah yeah, whatever. Jack McFarland, from Will & Grace seemed to enjoy life to the fullest without ever really having to worry about finances, why tha hell can't that be me?! But that was a sitcom, reality is much much different. I dunno man, life takes money, and this irks me at times, that I don't have enough of it to do as I please. I mean, most of us don't have enough of it quite frankly, while others seem to have it growing on trees practically. I've got my sex life all figured out, I'm a nice-looking fellow, funny, witty, social, intelligent, but how do I tap into welcoming more financial wealth into my life?! HOW DO I DO IT? And please no sugar daddy suggestions, because they tend to be oogly old men I could not sleep with.

I think I'm going to Palm Springs for New Year's.


Conclave27 said...

Although Jack McFarland seemed to have a great life... he was a really really horrible person. He was a living leech.

1) Lived off Wil Truman Lawyer Income.
2) Lived off of Karen Walker's Income and married Rosario for cash.
3) Lived off of Stan's 2nd wife and forgot about Karen Walker when she went broke.
4) Lived off Wil again while Karen was struggling.
5) Married and used Leslie for money....

Although Leslie died in a freak accident... Jack inherited everything. He did take care of Karen... but he constantly abused his relationship with Wil and was just a horrible person.....

alice said...

I believe music can touch emotions that are normally untapped, and being in the right state of mind, or circumstances, it can deeply effect you. I feel that way about a lot of music. You can have a sincere appreciation for the mechanics of a tune, and respond to the talent of an artist. But there are times when the lyrics or the notes can inspire thoughts and feelings that are almost a religious experience. I love when that happens because you feel so alive - even if it causes you pain.

As far as having enough money - I sadly have no advice. My husband and I have been working and struggling, our entire adult lives, to make ends meet and stay out of debt. And what is "enough"? I heard that the more you make, the more you spend, and that word "enough" is always changing. I have no answers.