Friday, December 11, 2009


Today is a good day! Even though I'm doing mindless boring work here in the office, the weekend is here! It's raining too! And the weather has gotten chilly. But the best part is this hellish week of dealing with an annoying cold/cough is over! I feel good again! ALIVE! YEEHA!

I was discussing trivial useless information with my beloved bud/co-worker about María Félix. Ya ever heard of this bitch?! She is Mexico's and the Spanish-speaking world's greatest female movie star of all time. My mom has said she was never a big fan of hers because she felt Félix was too mannish, but millions adored and followed this magnetic woman's every move while she was still alive. María had plenty of offers to come to Hollywood, but she refused, because she did not want small bit parts; she was used to lead roles in her native land and even worked in Spain and France. A very secure and tough lady--married four times, María Félix earned the honorific Spanish title of La Doña, which means "The Grand Lady." She was a feisty opinionated woman, very much like our own Bette Davis, with lots of class and style and the attitude to go along with it. Fittingly so, María only had one child, a handsome son named Enrique who was a wonderful actor in his own right, but sadly he died of a heart attack at age 66, outliving his famous mom and devastating her. And he was GAY! An open secret that Enrique Álvarez Félix of course was a homo, but no one dared discuss it. Anyway, Mexico too had a Golden Age of Cinema, and María was part of that legacy. Just thought I'd share.

I wanna
thank those who have visited and commented. I have fallen behind on yer blogs, but I will get to them I promise. Christmas will be low-key for me, because I really do not care for this holiday as much as I once did when I was a child. Besides, the best part of winter is New Year's anyway! 2010 is just around the corner man! I can hardly grasp the concept that the year 2000 was already ten years ago! MY GOD! How has time gone by so quickly? Astonishing! A lot of hoopla over James Cameron's new film Avatar. We shall see. Finally, the release here in L.A. of Pedro Almodóvar's exciting new Spanish film, Broken Embraces (Los Abrazos Rotos). I can't wait!

I ran into this totally by chance, and I found it funny:


Gary said...

Hey, glad you are feeling better.

It is rather unbelievable that we welcomed 2000 almost 10 years ago. Every day a little older (or if you are cynical you can quote Sondheim 'every day a little death' - except he was talking about marriage).

I never heard of Maria Felix but her son is cute. You wrote that he outlived her. Is that what you meant?

Conclave27 said...

LOL.... those two are so cute. David and Colin still look great ... hopefully the get NPH to do a cameo... after all his show did air around that time. I'd gladly take in Colin and David any time... yum yum

WAT said...

Gary: I meant to say that María outlived her son. Thanks for catching that. He died in 1996 and she passed on in 2002.

Gary said...


Palm Springs Savant said...

sure is great to hear you feel alive and in good spirits WAT!

alice said...

I'm glad you are feeling chipper, and no longer suffering with a cold.

I had never heard of Maria before, but in looking at her picture that you posted, she kind-of resembled Joan Crawford (another feisty lady). I understood her thinking about not wanting to be in Hollywood. Sometimes it's better to be the big fish in the little pond, than the little fish in the big pond..... or some similar analogy. Too bad about her son. No parent should ever have to outlive their child.