Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I'm so proud of myself! My pretty new cool cell phone went into the jacuzzi for a good five seconds, and I'm trying to dry it out, but I'm almost certain it's done for. This happened to me a while ago with another cell phone, and I am sad now and very frustrated. ARGH! I knew depending on technology was a bad idea!

Sooner than later I'm afraid, we are going to have a really big earthquake here, and then what?! Then how will I and millions cope without water and power for a few days if not weeks God forbid?! It will be like Hurricane Katrina over here! Yes, I could and should prepare by stocking up o
n necessary supplies now, but do I ever do it? NOOOOOO! Here I am confidently typing away as I try (probably in vain) to dry my poor wet mobile under a desk lamp. And somewhere here under Los Angeles or the neighboring areas, one of these freakin' faults is ready to release its tremendous energy. The reason why I'm even mentioning all this morbid quake stuff is because scientists were concerned about recent heavy tremor activity around the Salton Sea, which is right on the San Andreas Fault. Yes, that is pretty scary, but they're afraid that THAT southern part of the crack is going to give way, because it is already some two hundred years and change overdue. Not to curse our lovely sister city San Francisco up north, but I'd much rather they have that thing than us, because I really need my Internet access to remain intact! LOLOLOL! But seriously, a natural disaster such as this in a major city like L.A. or any other place is truly horrible and although I would probably survive, I'd really hate all the disruption it would cause, especially with regards to upkeeping this blog! OMG! Imagine the MySpace and Facebook narcissists who have to status update us with their lives every three minutes! They'll suffer worse! It's all this dependence on comforts and technology; psychologically very distressing when it's taken away! Oh please Lord, no major quakes and please save my mobile! AHAHAHAH! PLEASE!!!

There's this really bad computer worm/virus that is supposed to strike many of our precious
machines starting today! It's called Conficker or something to that effect, and it is supposed to be the worst yet, striking randomly, without even having to open an email, and messing up computers worldwide. WHO NEEDS TO WAIT FOR 2012?! THE END OF CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT IS HERE! THE CONFICKER WORM/VIRUS WILL DISRUPT THE INTERNET AND OUR DEPENDENCE ON IT! OH HOW THE MIGHTY WILL FALL! Of course, I'm probably being melodramatic, and the damn thing won't really do that much damage after all! Howard Stern said the hackers who design these things are "assholes who have too much time on their hands and that if caught they should be thrown in prison for life." Howard must love his Internet access! HEE!

Madonna is in Malawi again trying to adopt yet another child? WHAT?! I dunno anymore. This is starting to get weird. Her daughter Lourdes looks so grown up and pretty, is she really only 12? WOW! Girl's got those hot Latin dad genes for sure and looks very much like her mother did. And Rocco's growing too! The adopted little black kid David is getting really cute. Great articles and pics here and here!

I miss single slutty whorish white trash young Madonna very much though:

P.S. Looks like my phone is going to be okay! :)


RG said...

I was watching the Tee Vee the other night and it was noted that LA's emergency services is quite prepared for the "big one" if that earthquake should happen.

Not only does Lourdes have Latin DNA, but her mama has had LOTS of Latin DNA in her over the years as well. I'm just sayin'.....

Todd said...

Just think, if your phone survived the jacuzzi, surely it will survive an earthquake!

Eddie said...

Wow WAT. You are a bit morbid. I love it.

You crack me the eff up when you go off on shizz like that. I find it hilarious.

Don't worry my Latin bro, you'll do just fine. Heck, you're survival instincts will probably kick in and you'll find yourself saving children from an orphanage.

I loved this post.

Besitos WAT baby!!

Eddie said...

PS. Sorry to hear about your phone. They do have water resistant cell phones. Same concept as the water resistant watches.

At least it's working!


Bill German said...

i love the salton sea cuz nobody goes there.

Gary said...

I love your Madonna comment. I miss the slutty, young Madonna too but then again that can be said for many of us.