Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My two favourite Britney concert moments! The grand entrance of the Brit here. And the very cool Freakshow/Get Naked set.

A mini heat wave here in L.A. these past two days or so. Makes for some dreadful afternoons, but I love the nightlife, I like to boogie! Yeah, nights become nice and cool and full of sexual lasciviousness, and people just wanna go out more, which was the case at the karaoke bar Monday night. The cro
wds had been pitifully small the last few weeks that it has been moved to its new home, but on Monday it was pretty packed dude! Everyone came out, and it was good to see some old friends from the past; had some catching up to do. I could only sing two songs though, because the rotation was so long. Yeah, and this bar attracts some oddball people: trannies, candidates fit for the nursing home, and some lesbos here and there. Two in particular kept leaving their bar stools with their drinks in hand and coming back to them telling us they were claimed, until I'd finally had it after two times of this petty shit, and asked politely but firmly, "Can we take these or are they still YOURS?!" I don't believe in hitting anybody, but I will sock one of these butch bitch dykes if I'm ever attacked physically. I prefer my lesbos to be lipsticky anyway, just like I like mis hombres to be macho. Ya know?

Two hard movies to sit through for very different reasons, but still worth seeing! Does that make sense?!
The Bucket List is well-acted, and I guess that's to be expected with acting powerhouses Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in the main roles, but this is one heavy sad depressing movie! UGH! Still, it has some funny witty moments, and is quite touching really, but you all must obviously know that its central theme is death. Yes, that wonderful moment where the lights go out on all of us for good. PHOOEY! I don't know why I even cling onto life this way sometimes, because so much of this dimension is frustrating, but it's the inner human instinct to want to live/survive and never give up that keeps me and most of us going. Weird how that works. The other film review I have for y'all is Atonement. My God Beavis! This film is quite a snoozefest at times in the way it is paced, but the last 20 minutes or so are very satisfying and bring the film to a tremendously interesting conclusion! How they did this I know not, but I ended up liking the bloody picture and putting all the earlier boring puzzles nicely together! Keira Knightley is sexy classy gorgeous and quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses, and James McAvoy is one of those under appreciated, but consistent actors, and pretty easy on the eyes too I believe.

A fine article here on that now overexposed never-been-kissed cat lady with the nice voice who will sell millions of albums now.

McCartney played Coachella Friday night, and they said he was quite good and gave them a two-hour and change show! SEE BRITNEY AND COLDPLAY?! LOLOL! My beloved is excited because The Beatles: Rock Band game is due in Septem
ber, and it looks pretty freakin' cool so far, if the previews and huge hype/anticipation are to be believed. Footage here of Sir Paul playing the festival and giving the crowd a preview of the upcoming video game phenomenon.

Speaking of Sir Paul McCartney, I can't help but be slightly addicted to some of these 70 or so video clips made by this genius person on YouTube that claim our current Paul is FAUL, the replacement phony Paul McCartney put in to make up for the original killed-in-a-car-crash Paul in 1966. If you don't know what I am talking about, I've mentioned it before, but some of this interesting fascinating ridiculous exaggerated urban legend is explained here. Clips like this give me the chills; quite creepy, effectively produced/edited in my opinion, as if I'm watching something David Lynch directed. MASTERFULLY MESMERIZING AND A MUST-SEE:

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the bucket list is an awesome movie, I really liked it a lot.