Friday, April 03, 2009


Most of you have probably not heard of Andy Hallett, but he played such a wonderful character on that Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff Angel series earlier this decade and now I hear the terrible news that Andy died of some heart condition just this past week! THAT SUCKS MAN! Andy was always in heavy green make-up for the show, but seeing his normal pics makes me realize just how cute and adorable he was. He was only 33 years old.

I wish it were only an April Fool's prank, but our sales tax went up on Wednesday. We have paid 8.25% on every dollar for years here, but now it's gone up by one percent! YEESH MAN! Everything is going to be more expensive now of course, and this was done because our state budget is in such a deficit. Ya know, just like the clowns and crooks at the federal level in Congress, we have some real dummies working in Sacramento, and because of their mismanagement of our tax dollars, now we have to pay for the entire mess by shelling out more of our hard-earned money! Just great man. The longer I live, the worse I feel at times to realize that most of us are on this planet to work as legal slaves at boring jobs only to pay taxes, and then we get older and die. It's a wonderful life indeed. To pepper it with hedonism is the only way to cope with this shitty deal. The American Dream! HA! What a joke.

Our beloved world leaders are in London this week, the 20 most powerful economies are chumming it up, having lavish meals, and posing for plenty of pictures. I found it funny to see a photo of the Obamas standing next to Queen Elizabeth II, who looked so tiny next to those towering two. LOL! I was worried for a sec the Queen had started shrinking due to old age, and there's that stuck-up pompous husband of hers Philip as well in some of those shots. It's nice to see our new president getting much more respect than that asshole Bush used to overseas, but I'm cynical about all this mess; these political leaders are over there to supposedly address our global economic depression, but what are they really going to do about this? The British prime minister Brown gave a speech about a new world order, and protesters are in full swing causing near riots wanting answers to severe unemployment rates and the corruption of corporations. Something is fishy here, something tells me we just don't have that much power as citizens to really change things, and that the rich and truly mighty have a big chess board with us as the pawns to move around wherever they wish. There's a conspiracy afoot my brethren!

Well, enough of my pseudo-news blog. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not just regurgitating news you've all already heard of, but whatever. I gotta talk about something else besides my annoying life man!

Have a great weekend everybody, comment freely, and if you've never seen this movie, you are sorely lacking/missing out on one great sexy provocative tremendously acted film:


sttropezbutler said...

Hey away about whatever whenever.



A Lewis said...

I see that our First Lady was severly hashed over her decision to reciprocate when The Queen put her arm around Michelle....Michelle returned the favor and created all kinds of trouble:

RG said...

President Obama has some diplomatic chops. Did you read where he brokered a deal between the Chinese President and the French President? I can't imagine former President Talks-With-Food-In-His-Mouth EVER accomplishing anything like that.

Regarding Michelle: It is Her Majesty's choice to break protocol if she so chooses and her guests are obligated to follow her lead. The Royal Household staff were amazed and more than a little pleasantly surprised at how immediately the Queen took to Michelle.

And Michelle is quite a hit in France as well.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I had the same thought when I saw the Queen in that photo. She is so sweet! Looks like she and Michelle did hit it off.
btw- I am ripped about the taxes going up in CA too

M- Filer said...

"Little Children" looks fab Wat baby. How are ya???

Gary said...

Oh, yes. Little Children has some mighty fine scenes. I'm thinking of one in the laundry room, you know the one.

Eddie said...

The height difference really does stand out doesn't it? It almost jarring... lol.

We too paid 8.25% in sales tax here in NY, so I fully understand. I believe ours will stay at that amount though.

I think all this hooplah about Michelle Obama is absolutely ridiculous. How dare the Queen think she's above a touch or two. I think the whole thing is obscene. Michelle Obama should have squeezed her ass and cupped a breast. I'm sure the queen's husband isn't taking care of her needs.